Cub Cadet Volunteer UTVs: Built for Landscapers but Great for Everyone

How Can a Volunteer UTV Help My Landscaping BusinessCub Cadet pitches their Volunteer UTVs as the perfect option for professional landscapers, but they’ve found fans spanning the entire market from weekend warriors to industrial fleets. What makes them so popular? They manage to blend utility, reliability, and fun without any major weak points, and they’re supported with a wide range of accessories, letting them fit a variety of roles from clearing snow to chasing game.

What Do You Get with a Volunteer?

Since these are commercial vehicle first and foremost, Cub Cadet chose a commercial engine: the liquid-cooled Kohler Aegis EFI V-Twin. This engine produces 31 HP and 47.7 lb-ft. of torque, and it has a reputation for rock-solid reliability in high-end commercial mowers. This engine is paired with a CVT that can propel the Volunteer to a top speed of 25 mph.

While at home on smooth, manicured lawns, the designers didn’t skimp on off-road features. The drive system uses push button-selectable four-wheel drive, and the rear axle has a limited slip rear differential and a differential lock for tough climbs. Double A-arm suspension front and back smooths out the bumps, while the coilover shocks are adjustable, letting you get the right rebound for heavy loads or off-roading. Ground clearance is a whopping 11 inches, putting it on par with many sport-oriented UTVs.

Inside the cab, information including speed and fuel are shown on a digital display, while the CVT is controlled by a Hurst shifter. There’s also a 12-volt power port for recharging phones and powering small electronics. Two bucket seats come standard, and a bench seat is available for buyers looking for more seating space.

Available colors include yellow and red. A woodlands camo pattern is also available for a little extra.


Cub Cadet offers three versions of the Volunteer, sharing the same basic platform and powertrain across the line.

Volunteer 4×4 EFI: This may be the cheapest UTV in the lineup, but it’s by no means basic. The 4×4 EFI has a 1,400 lb. total payload and towing capacity, and it can carry up to 1,000 lbs. in its steel bed.

Volunteer WT: Need to haul heavier loads? The WT has 1,700 lbs. of total payload and towing capacity and its aluminum bed can handle up to 1,200 lbs. To handle that extra weight, electric power steering comes standard.

Volunteer WT Cab: This adds an enclosed cab with clear doors for maximum visibility, a windshield that tilts to let in air, and roof-mounted work lights for better visibility.

What Can You Do with a Volunteer?

Cub Cadet offers over 40 accessories to customize these UTVs. Here are some of the most popular add-ons:

Volunteers come with a two inch Class 1 hitch receiver, which is perfect for towing trailers, broadcast spreaders, aerators, and other equipment. A front receiver can also be added, making it easier to maneuver trailers in tight spaces while opening up compatibility for an array of aftermarket equipment.

Need to work late? There are several lighting options as well as a heavy-duty alternator, accessory wiring harness and buss bar kit for adding aftermarket accessories. Want some relief from bad weather? Cub Cadet offers parts to build a solid or soft cab.

A bed liner can be added to protect the metal box from dings and scrapes, while the hood rack adds more space for tools and equipment.

Need to pull your vehicle out of a jam or drag logs and other trail obstructions? The front end can be fitted with a Warn winch rated at 4,000 lbs. This can be paired with a 72-inch dozer blade for moving snow and dirt. Blade height is controlled by lowering or raising the winch.

Working on a large property? By adding a turn signal/brake light kit and a set of mirrors, your Volunteer will meet neighborhood vehicle requirements, making it legal to drive on city streets. A reverse backup alarm is also available to meet safety regulations at industrial and construction work sites.

Get Everything You Need to Outfit and Maintain your UTV is an authorized dealer for Cub Cadet and their manufacturing partners including Kohler Power. That means we carry parts and accessories for everything Cub Cadet from push mowers to commercial UTVs. Ordering is easy, too: just select your model and serial number, and our site will show you parts and parts diagrams specific to your vehicle. We ship across the United States and Canada.

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