HB 59L Cordless Handheld Blower

Cub Cadet 59 HL BlowerAs the chill of autumn sets in, foliage begins to fall and lawns quickly become covered in leaves that could cause significant damage to the turf if left untouched. That’s where a high-quality handheld blower comes in. Designed to make quick work of outdoor cleanup throughout the year, blowers like the Cub Cadet HB 59L feature the ultimate in compact design, powerful and targeted bursts of air, and just the right amount of force to handle thick piles of leaves and smaller debris. They clear foliage away from the turf, allow it to soak up water, nutrients, and sunlight, and make it easier for homeowners to prepare their lawn for colder days ahead. The cordless HB 59L is even more useful than the average blower, thanks to lithium-ion technology and enhanced comfort features for operators.

HB 59L Blower Specs: An Impressive Effort by Cub Cadet

A handheld blower is only as good as the amount of air that it can harness during regular use, and the HB 59L is particularly impressive in this area. Thanks to a high-powered motor, the equipment is capable of producing wind speeds that top out at 100 miles per hour, with an overall capacity rating of 135 cfm. The blower is capable of using two different speeds. While the higher speed will easily hit the maximum rated wind speed, a slightly lower setting is available for use in smaller areas, or when the foliage and debris around the home simply doesn’t demand maximum power.

Notably, the Cub Cadet HB 59L blower is powered by a lithium-ion battery instead of a noisy combustion engine. No cord is needed, but the blower will require use of a corded battery charger between outings in order to maximize battery capacity and blower longevity. With a full charge, the blower’s 20V lithium-ion battery is capable of lasting up to 4.5 hours in normal working conditions. That compares favorably with battery-powered blowers from other manufacturers; this long battery life ensures that homeowners will be able to clear away foliage and debris without interruption in smaller or medium-sized spaces.

Features: What Sets the HB 59L Apart From the Competition?

Perhaps the biggest selling point of Cub Cadet’s HB 59L blower is its use of lithium-ion battery technology instead of an electrical power cord or a traditional, two-cycle engine. The use of a battery allows this blower to greatly reduce its engine noise during use, a feature that will be appreciated by homeowners an their neighbors alike. Cub Cadet sells the battery and charger separately from its blowers and other battery-powered equipment options, and that’s actually a good thing: Homeowners are able to separate the cost of batteries and chargers from the equipment, and they can easily use their existing batteries with a new HB 59L blower. This universal battery and charging system can actually be very cost effective for homeowners with multiple Cub Cadet equipment models powered by lithium-ion technology.

Though noise and vibration levels are greatly reduced by battery technology, they’re not entirely eliminated. As a result, Cub Cadet has cushioned the blower’s handle with high-tech rubber materials, designed to absorb engine shocks and vibrations before they reach the operator’s hands. Comfort is increased dramatically as a result, and that simply makes it easier to work harder or longer without risking injury or fatigue.

The use of a two-speed system also allows operators to reduce their potential fatigue levels. Instead of always operating the blower at maximum power, it’s easy to use a slightly slower speed and still cover plenty of acreage before the battery dies. As a result of this slower speed, noise and vibration are meaningfully reduced. It’s also easy to adjust the blower’s speed as needed during operation, further enhancing comfort and battery longevity.

Cub Cadet Blower Accessories: Complete the Package with Batteries and Chargers

Though there aren’t any blower-specific accessories available for the HB 59L, Cub Cadet does offer batteries and chargers for this model and many others. These batteries are compatible with a wide range of battery-powered Cub Cadet equipment models, and feature 20V operation for extended use between charges. Powerful battery chargers allow for a quick recharging process, typically lasting around eight hours to fully power an empty battery.

Find Cub Cadet Blowers, Parts, Accessories and More at CubParts.com

Whether it’s a new blower or the parts and accessories that will make that blower useful for many years to come, CubParts.com is a great place to find a full range of options that will enhance landscaping throughout the year. In addition to a full lineup of Cub Cadet handheld blowers, the site offers an OEM parts search tool that can easily identify the best parts for each blower model, part number, or engine manufacturer. This makes it easy to stick to the equipment’s included maintenance schedule, or quickly complete repairs after damage has limited the blower’s functionality.

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