How to Change the Oil on the Cub Cadet LT1050

After your first 25 hours of operation with your new Cub Cadet mower, it is time for you to take the reins and start doing regular oil changes on your own. Your first oil change should take place at the 25-hour mark¬†as this is the typical break-in period for your mower’s engine. After that, oil changes should happen every 100 hours or once a season if you are not using it more than that.

Before You Begin

Oil changes should be a simple task, but having the right tools and replacement parts on hand will save you time. Check your owner’s manual ahead of time to get the part number for your oil filter and make sure you are getting the correct oil for the job. Typically two liters of 10W30 will be sufficient, but you should double check your engine capacity and operating range to be sure. Have an oil pan ready to go and keep a few extra rags handy just in case you need to clean up a spill.

Draining the Oil

Engine oil picks up sediment and metal particles from your engine while operating. These particles settle at the bottom of your engine when the oil is at rest. Start the mower and let it run for 2-3 minutes which will warm the oil and let it flow out of the drain valve easily. It will also stir up the oil and ensure that all of the sediment gets carried out instead of staying at the bottom of the case. Take a moment to wipe down the area around the oil fill port to keep from introducing any dust or dirt to the system. Insert your oil drain hose through the port and press it down on the drain valve while rotating it counterclockwise into the locked position. Slowly pull out on the hose and it will open the valve for the oil to drain into your oil pan. Once the oil is finished draining, remove the hose and make sure you rotate the valve all the way clockwise so that it will not leak. Wipe down any excess oil.


Before you remove your oil filter, wipe down the surrounding area again to prevent dirt from getting in through the filter port. Rotate the filter counterclockwise and remove it from the engine. It will have oil inside of it, so carefully place it in your oil pan. Before installing your new filter, add a bit of fresh oil to the center port and allow it to soak into the filter mesh. Then use your fingertip to rub some oil around the gasket before you thread it onto the adapter and put it back on the engine. Tighten it until it is snug and give it a 1/2 extra turn, but do not over tighten.


Slowly refill your engine with oil, adding oil a little at a time and letting it settle before checking the dipstick. Overfilling can cause damage to the engine so work slowly and make sure you are within the normal fill lines.

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