Overview of the Tank LZ Line from Cub Cadet

Interested in having your very own commercial grade mower? The Cub Cadet Tank LZ line is a versatile and durable option at a budget-friendly price point. From the LZ 48 up to the LZ 60, Cub Cadet offers a number of easy operation, convenient and ergonomic features combined with their rugged engines and numerous custom attachments for optimal mowing.

Comfort and Convenience

The Tank LZ series is a small step down from Cub Cadet’s SZ line. The LZ mowers are slightly smaller and use a more basic lap bar steering configuration to direct the mower through your lawn. Drivers can sit comfortably in the specially designed vibration control seats and use the lap bar controls with ease. The Tank LZ line also features cup holders, a convenient storage compartment and a tow hitch for attaching a variety of other equipment.

One thing that stands out about the Tank LZ line is your ability to completely customize your ride from top to bottom. High traction wheels, head lights, and even a small plow blade are available for some applications. It carries all of the authority of a full-size commercial mower, but in a smaller package that is easier to transport and drive.


No matter the size, the Cub Cadet Tank LZ line features four standard engine options built with performance in mind. The LZ 48 starts you off with a tough Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series 24 HP V-twin boasting 724cc, accompanied by a cyclonic air filter and dual 7.5-gallon fuel tanks. All of this built on top of a powerful triple blade system, and a solid steel frame.

As you move up the line, you can upgrade to either a 25 or 27 HP Kohler Command OHV V-twin engine or the top of the line 852 cc Kawasaki FX OHV V-twin engine also pushing 27 HP. Along with these engine upgrades, you will also gain a super efficient canister air filter and a huge boost in cutting power. With up to a 60-inch wide cutting path, you can drastically reduce the number of passes it takes to clean up an entire lawn, and you will never have to worry about damaged grass due to underpowered blades.

To learn more about Cub Cadet’s Tank LZ line, and the available parts and accessories to keep your Tank on the move, visit cubparts.com. They can help you locate the right parts for your model and find the accessories you need to make your Tank LZ the perfect ride for a larger sized lawn.

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