How to Change the Spark Plug on a Cub Cadet Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Changing the spark plug on a Cub Cadet Self-Propelled Lawnmower is an easy maintenance procedure, and the savings in time and money make learning how to change the spark plug in your lawnmower well worth it. The following article is a brief how-to guide, but the best resource is always the manufacturer’s operations manual. New spark plugs are available at

The first step is to research which spark plug is the correct spark plug for your lawnmower. This information is usually listed in the mower’s operation manual. Once you have purchased a new spark plug, it’s time to get started. Check that the engine is completely cool before starting. A hot engine is dangerous and can cause a severe burn. Some people prefer to take the added precaution of draining all of the gasoline, but this is largely unnecessary. As long as the engine is cool, working on the mower is safe.

Use a spark plug wrench to disconnect the old spark plug from the mower. Turn the wrench counter-clockwise in order to remove the old spark plug. Dispose of the old plug in the regular trash; it does not need any kind of special disposal.

Next, check the gap of the new spark plug. This means to check the space between the wires of the spark plug. Spark plugs usually need to be adjusted to match the exact spacing required by the mower. You may need to use a specialized gap tool, a pair of pliers, or a set of feeler gauges to make adjustments to this gap. There are several ways to find the right space. The owner’s manual will usually specify the right spacing. It is also possible to use the old spark plug as a guide.

After making the proper adjustments, install the new spark plug. While you are doing this, be very careful not to cross-thread the plug. If all the steps have been followed correctly, you should be able to smoothly thread it in by hand for a few turns. Once the spark plug can no longer be placed into the socket by hand, use the spark plug wrench to continue tightening it. Ensure that the plug is in firmly, do NOT over-tighten it.

Finally, reconnect the spark plug wire. After this is done, check over all of the work. If the oil or the gasoline was drained before beginning the repair, replace it before starting the mower. The lawnmower is now ready for use.

If possible, allow the engine on the mower to run for at least ten minutes. The lawnmower can be used while the engine is running. By letting the engine run, you will give the mower enough time to determine if there are any problems with the new spark plug. If you do not detect any problems, your lawnmower is ready to resume mowing.

This may be a good time to perform some regular lawnmower maintenance, as all of the tools needed are at hand. Maybe it is time to change the gas and oil. When performed regularly, these maintenance procedures will maximize the lawnmower’s performance and extend its life. Do not be intimidated by these maintenance procedures. Many of these procedures are reviewed on the Cub Parts Blog.

For any additional maintenance or parts information on your Cub Cadet Self-Propelled Lawnmower, contact Cub Cadet Parts

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