Getting Started with Your New Cub Cadet Lawnmower

For decades, Cub Cadet has been supplying homeowners, commercial landscapers and  groundskeepers with best-in-class outdoor power equipment. Cub Cadet is committed to providing superior quality and cutting edge technology to their customers year after year. There are several different residential and commercial lawnmowers to choose from as well as lawnmower accessories, so that you can select the Cub Cadet that is just right for you to create perfectly manicured lawns.

Whether you are a homeowner who has bought a lawnmower for your personal property or a professional landscaper, there are a few things that you need to know that will help you get started with your Cub Cadet lawnmower.

First, get acquainted with your lawnmower’s mechanical features so that you can locate the various parts, understand how to maintain them and be able to identify when they may require attention or service in the future. The manufacturer’s operations manual is always your best guide for information.  Once you are familiar with identifying and locating the essential parts of the lawnmower, you are ready to set up the lawnmower for use. Fortunately, the Cub Cadet is built with a smart design that makes it easy to prepare the lawnmower for use.

Begin by connecting the battery cables to the appropriate negative and positive terminals – the red cable connecting to the positive terminal and black cable to the negative terminal. After the battery cables have been attached, take the red cap and place it on the positive terminal. Pay attention to the small wrench, ensuring that it does not come into contact with any metal.

Inspect the air filter for loose and damaged parts to make sure that it isn’t dirty. The air filter will need to be replaced every year preferably in the off-season. Other items to replace in the off-season are spark plugs, oil and the oil filter.

Check your engine’s oil level. Keep the optimal balance of oil in your lawnmower; there should never be too little or too much oil. With the oil level in balance and battery cables attached correctly, prepare for driving the mower by adjusting the seat. Make sure that you aren’t too far forward when you start the lawnmower.

Before you start your engine, there are a few more steps to complete. First, check that the lawnmower is on level ground, that the parking brake is engaged, and that the PTO lever is in the off position. Activate the choke. Next, turn the key to the start position and start the engine. After the engine is started, release the key and allow it to return to the on position.

Now that your engine is humming along, begin pushing or driving your lawnmower forward by moving the throttle to the rabbit position and the shift lever to the forward position. Release the parking brake by pressing the brake pedal. Press the drive pedal to increase your speed.

Cub Cadet Riding Lawnmowers have two unique and extremely useful features – cruise control and speed variabilty. Both of these features enable the user to tailor the lawnmowing speed to their individual needs.

To drive in reverse: bring the mover to a complete stop and turn the blades off. Once the lawnmower is motionless, depress the brake pedal, shift the lever into the reverse position. Turn the key to the reverse/caution mode and push the PTO/blade lever to the on position. Safety tip: before you begin driving, look around the mower to ensure there aren’t any objects in your path.

Cub Cadet lawnmower’s are unmatched in design features, performance quality and low maintenance care. For additional information on equipment or parts, please contact Cub



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