How to Level the Deck on Your Cub Cadet Riding Lawnmower

As an owner of a Cub Cadet Riding Lawnmower, you will find that the deck on your mower will need to be leveled throughout it’s lifetime. To guarantee optimal performace and longevity, ensure that you perform this maintenance procedure when its needed. Always be sure to practice safety and caution when levelling the deck on your riding lawnmower.

Below are general instructions regarding how to level the deck on a Cub Cadet Riding Lawnmower. Depending on your model, the instructions may vary slightly. Confirm the process with the manufacturer’s operations manual for your specific model of Cub Cadet Riding Lawnmower.

  1. Drive the rider onto a flat surface that is level. Pull the parking brake to secure the mower. Turn off the engine. Allow the rider to sit until the engine has cooled. Remove the key from the ignition. Disconnect the spark plug ignition wire.
  2. Locate the deck lift lever and position it into the middle position of the range indicator of the lever. This process is to ensure that the lawnmower is completely level.
  3. Using a gloved hand, rotate the blade nearest to the discharge chute parallel to the rider. Safety Tip: Wear gloves when working with blades.
  4. Using a measuring tape or stick, measure the distance between the ground and the front blade tip. Repeat the measurement process for the back blade tip. Record both measurements.
  5. Reference the owner’s manual for your mower to obtain the correct measurements for the front and back blade height differences.
  6. Check the deck hangar rod and locate the hex lock nut. Loosen the hex lock nut. This action adjusts the deck of the mower.
  7. Tighten the inner hex nut to raise the front of the deck, or loosen the nut to lower the front of the deck.
  8. Adjust the deck to the desired level as specified by the owner’s manual height measurements. Secure the deck by tightening the hex lock nut.
  9. Level the deck from side to side. To do this – rotate the perpendicular blades by hand.
  10. Using a measuring stick or tape, take the height measurements between the ground and the tips of the blades on each side of the mower. Record the measurements.
  11. Locate the hex bold for the deck on the left hangar bracket. Loosen the bolt and adjust the deck.
  12. Raise or lower the deck by loosening the bolt on the left hangar bracket.
  13. Measure both perpendicular blades and readjust the deck as needed to make both blades measure at the same height.
  14. When both blades are the same height from the ground, tighten the hex bolt to secure the deck in place.
  15. Reconnect the spark plug ignition wire.

Your Cub Cadet mower is now levelled and ready for another season of yard maintenance.

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