How to Replace a Cub Cadet Mower Blade

Cub Cadet LawnmowerThere are numerous moving parts on a Cub Cadet mower that require regular inspection, adjustment, cleaning, and even replacement. Most people tend to associate these tasks with things like the fuel level, the spark plug, and other small pieces of mower hardware. The truth, however, is that mower blades are an essential part of the mower that must also be regularly inspected in order to ensure the equipment keeps functioning at a very high level.

Why Replace a Mower Blade at All?

Mower blades come into direct contact with not only each blade of grass, but also each smaller rock, larger piece of lawn debris, and irregular soil feature. The result is a blade that becomes very dull over time, or even warped and damaged. This directly affects the quality and consistency of a mowing job. Over time, a dull or damaged blade creates an uneven turf and can actually damage grass and cause it to look unhealthy and poorly maintained to the naked eye. Only a brand new blade can eliminate these problems and bring quality, consistency, and health back to the lawn.

Safety First: What to Consider Before Getting Started

Replacing a mower blade opens operators up to a series of potentially serious injuries, ranging from cuts to burns and beyond. The best way to ensure that these injuries remain only theoretical is to follow a few basic safety guidelines. Before getting started, allow the engine to fully cool down after recent use. Begin blade replacement only when the engine is cool, the spark plug has been removed, and the mower has been fully disengaged. Use protective gloves when handling the blade in order to eliminate the risk of cuts and other safety issues, and be sure to follow the instruction manual’s guidelines for draining or reserving fluids prior to moving, tipping, or adjusting the mower in any way. Before beginning, also make sure that any pets or bystanders are away from the mower.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Cub Cadet Mower Blade Replacement

Getting the job done is actually pretty easy, but it does require quite a few steps from start to finish. Here’s what Cub Cadet mower owners need to know to quickly and effortlessly replace a faulty mower blade.

Step 1: Prep for Maintenance

As discussed in the safety considerations above, there are several key things to do prior to blade replacement. Get the mower on a level and flat surface, engage the parking brake, remove the engine ignition key, and disconnect the spark plug.

Step 2: Remove the Deck

Access to the mower blade requires removal of the mower’s deck. Do this by placing the deck in its lowest position, and then disengage the right-side J hook. Pull the mower deck back to its highest position and then remove the cotter pin from the deck’s stabilizer rod. Remove the self-tapping screw from the belt keeper, and then remove the belt keeper from both the engine pulley and the PTO pulley.

Remove the mower deck’s bow tie clip, release the PTO cable, and remove the appropriate tension spring from the mower’s idler arm. Using the steering wheel, turn the mower’s front wheels toward the left and then slide the mower deck out toward the right side of the equipment.

Step 3: Remove and Replace the Mower Blade

With the deck removed, turn it over so that the blades are exposed and ready to be worked on. Use Cub Cadet’s universal blade removal tool to keep the blades in place, and then remove the bolt that keeps the old blade attached to the deck. Remove the blades and set them aside.

Next, place the new blade on to the spindle within the mower deck and replace the bolt that secures the blade into place. Remove the universal blade removal tool installed earlier, and then reattach the mower deck to the Cub Cadet mower.

Step 4: Prepare the Mower for Use and Check for Irregularities

Get the mower ready for use by reconnecting the spark plug, reinserting the ignition key, and releasing the parking brake. Turn the mower on and listen for any noises that might indicate a loose blade, an improperly attached mower deck, or other safety concerns. If no issues present themselves during this test, the mower is ready to be used in a production environment.

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