The Cub Cadet RT 65 E Garden Tiller Review

Cub Cadet RT 65 E TillerCub Cadet’s extensive lineup of tillers has been designed to ensure that homeowners never have to compromise when seeking out the perfect piece of equipment for lawn and garden maintenance all spring and summer long. The RT 65 E is designed as one of the company‚Äôs highest-end models, with the longest list of cutting-edge, convenient features, and some of the most impressive specifications on the market. From electric start to a powerful Cub Cadet engine, this is one tiller that won’t have any problem handling challenging terrain, deeper tilling depths, and highly compacted soil that has suffered under the weight of winter freezes and significant snowfall. Those in the market for such a tiller should consider the major benefits of this model over its nearest competition.

The Benefits: A Look at Key RT 65 E Garden Tiller Features

All of Cub Cadet’s residential tiller models are designed to be compact enough for garage or tool shed storage, but big enough to handle the occasionally challenging soil conditions that characterize home planting. The RT 65 E makes that all a bit easier by offering electric start, larger wheels, and a deeper tilling depth that will do away with these more challenging outdoor characteristics quite quickly. Among the key benefits of this model:

  • Electric, Push-Button Starter Mechanism

The RT 65 E tiller gets the “E” in its name from “electric.” This is the only one of Cub Cadet’s residential tillers that offers electric, push-button starting, and that can make a real difference for homeowners. Instead of using a starter grip in repeated attempts to turn the equipment on from a “cold” state, residential buyers can merely plug the starter into an indoor or outdoor outlet, press the starter button, and then disconnect the power cord for a fully mobile experience around the home. It takes just a few seconds and it’s a vast improvement on manual, non-electric starters with which this tiller competes.

  • Deep and Adjustable Tilling Depth

Cub Cadet’s tillers start out with a 7-inch tilling depth, but the RT 65 E comes with up to 7.5 inches of tilling potential. That might sound like a minor upgrade, but the additional half-inch puts this model in line with commercial models sold to landscaping professionals. It’s still more compact than those models, and the extra half-inch can lead to richer, better-cultivated soil with better growing potential all summer long. With easy tine adjustment, the tiller can easily till to far shallower depths in order to combat highly compacted soil or areas that have never been tilled before. Adjustment keeps the process efficient, safe, and damage-free.

  • Dual Direction Operation with Bigger Wheels

6-inch wheels make this tiller highly reliable in a wide variety of landscaping environments, allowing it to more adeptly handle soil that is uneven, steep in grade, and more compacted below the surface. Also improving flexibility with the RT 65 E tiller is the equipment’s dual-direction tines that allow for work either forward or in reverse. The equipment comes with a single forward speed and one reverse speed, making it highly efficient no matter which way works best for the operator.

Specs and Stats: How the RT 65 E Garden Tiller Gets the Job Done

The key to any great piece of power equipment, from tillers to mowers and beyond, is the list of hardware specifications that provide insight into how powerful and effective it will be in challenging outdoor environments. The RT 65 E is built to impress in this area, with a powerful engine and excellent tines that can handle almost anything residential gardeners throw at it. This impressive array of features starts with Cub Cadet’s own 208cc OHV engine. Designed specifically for intense residential equipment uses, this engine is fine-tuned for the tiller and provides an excellent amount of power without excessive vibrations or other quirks.

The tiller’s tines are also impressive in their own right. These 13-inch times are made from stamped stainless steel, which gives them added durability for particularly hard soil and tough tilling early on in the spring season. The tines can be adjusted prior to using the RT 65 E, with a maximum tilling depth of up to 7.5 inches in daily use. Tines are protected by top and side covers, and the side cover can be adjusted so that it allows for maximum versatility around obstructions in the field. An 18-inch tilling width means that homeowners will be able to cover a large amount of land in a relatively small amount of time, adding to this tiller’s reputation for not only high power, but also excellent productivity.

Visit for New Tillers, Replacement Parts, and More

A full lineup of Cub Cadet’s residential tillers can be found at The site also features an online parts lookup tool that offers a wide array of OEM replacement parts necessary for tiller upkeep and repairs. That makes a perfect, long-term partner for RT 65 E garden tiller buyers.

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