How to Set Up a Cub Cadet 3X Snowblower

Cub Cadet 3X SnowblowerIf you need serious snow clearing power, it’s hard to beat a Cub Cadet 3X snowblower. With an auger dedicated to chopping up clumps of snow, these machines have no problem moving the densest snowfall. If you just bought one of these machines, these tips will help you get it running and set it up for maximum performance.

Unfolding the Handle

If your snowblower was shipped with rubber bands around parts of the handle, these can be removed after the handle is in its operating position.

1. Push the shift lever all the way forward.
2. Check the rollers on the bottom rear of the machine and make sure the cables are seated.
3. Tilt the top half of the handle back and tighten down the wing knobs that connect the bottom and top half of the handle.

Installing the Chute

1. Remove the nut and screw from the chute control assembly, located in the center of the snowblower. Lift the assembly off of the support bracket and set it aside. Remove the clevis and cotter pins from the support bracket.
2. Push the chute down onto the auger opening with the top of the chute facing forward.
3. Reinstall the chute assembly.
4. Slide the crank rod through the bracket on the rear of the handle.
5. Remove the cotter pin on the end of the crank. Line up the holes on the crank and crank rod. Slide the crank rod into the crank and push the cotter pin through the hole.

Drift Cutters (If Equipped)

If your snowblower came with drift cutters from the factory, they will be installed backward on the auger to save space.

To install the cutters correctly, remove the pair of wing knobs and carriage bolts from each drift cutter. Place the drift cutters against the auger housing with the blades extending up and forward. Reinstall the knobs and bolts.

Lamp Wiring Harness (If Equipped)

The wiring harness is installed on the snowblower at the factory, but it’s positioned in a way that it could come in contact with the engine, melting the wires. To prevent this, slide the cable through the cable tie on the bottom half of the handle until the cable runs toward the left side of the handle, well away from the recoil starter.

Shear Pins

An extra set of shear pins is included from the factory. Some models have built-in storage for these pins on the console between the left control handle and the shift handle.

Tire Pressure

The tires come overinflated from the factory. Deflate the tires until they’re at the pressure listed on the sidewall.

Skid Shoes

These are installed in their highest position from the factory, which is fine for flat, even surfaces. If you need to remove snow from uneven surfaces, loosen the nuts holding the shoes onto the sides of the auger and slide them into the middle or low position. Tighten the nuts and bolts to fix them into place.

Auger Control Cable Tension

Do the following to check the tension before you first use the snowblower, and after each tension adjustment:

1. With the engine running, squeeze the auger lever for 10 seconds, then release. Repeat 5 or 6 times.
2. Set the throttle lever to the “Fast” position. Watch the auger and make sure there is no movement. If there is, shut the engine off immediately and loosen the auger cable.

The auger cable has an adjuster directly below the auger lever on the left control handle. To adjust the tension, loosen the screw on the adjuster, then twist the adjuster in or out. Once the tension is set, tighten the screw. When the auger is disengaged, there should be a slight amount of slack in the cable.

Get Replacement Parts Now for Less Downtime This Season

Extra belts and shear pins can make the difference between finishing a job and having to wait days to get your snowblower up and running again. If you need spare parts or you’re doing repair work to your Cub Cadet, visit We’re a certified dealer for Cub Cadet and their engine partners, which means we’re able to ship the replacement parts and accessories you need to any address in the United States or Canada. Our site has sections for commonly-needed parts like shear bolts and skid shoes, or you can use our advanced search engine to find parts specific to your machine. We even have factory diagrams and descriptions built into our catalog so you can see exactly what you’re ordering.

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