How to Troubleshoot a Cub Cadet LS 25 Log Splitter

cub cadet ls 25If you are having problems with your Cub Cadet LS 25 Log Splitter, you can remedy the situation by applying a few basic troubleshooting techniques that ought to have your unit back up and running again in no time. The following recommendations will cover the most common issues.

Safety Disclaimer

It goes without saying that there are several serious safety considerations that must be observed at all times while operating your Cub Cadet LS 25 Log Splitter. Even when the machine is turned off during servicing, it can still be dangerous. Always be sure to keep your hands away from all moving parts, especially the blades. Even when not moving, they are still extremely sharp and can cause injuries. If you have been operating the unit, be sure to wait a few minutes before handling heated surfaces in order to avoid burn injuries.

Troubleshooting Overview

The Cub Cadet LS 25 Log Splitter is an easy unit to work on, provided that you observe basic safety precautions. Below is a partial list of some of the most basic problems that you may encounter while operating the machine, as well as a few basic troubleshooting remedies that may be applied in order to solve them.

Common Problems

Some of the most common problems that you may experience with your Cub Cadet LS 25 Log Splitter include such issues as a leaking cylinder, or a cylinder rod that seems “frozen” and unable to move. The speed of your cylinder shaft may suddenly begin to fluctuate, then slow down to a crawl, while extending and later retracting. The machine may also suddenly become unable to split the wood you feed it, or split it at a substantially slower speed, with much less efficiency as a result.

Possible Causes And Remedies

If you are experiencing trouble with your cylinder rod refusing to move, there are a number of possible causes.  The drive shaft may be broken or the unit could be clogged with debris. Check your oil level to make sure it is fully adequate, and disconnect and clean all of the hoses. Flush out your hydraulic system and give it a thorough cleansing.

Another common problem with the cylinder shaft is when it slows down during extension and retraction. Your oil level may be incorrect, or you may have damaged some of your gear sections or relief valve. There may be a leak coming from the control valve. In this case, you should immediately check your inlet hoses for clogs and leaks, and replace them immediately if this is the case. Drain your oil reservoir, clean it out, and then refill it.

If your machine is not splitting the wood or splitting it at a very slow speed, you may have damaged gears or a leaky pump check valve. You may also have an overloaded or leaky cylinder that needs replacing. It’s also an excellent idea to check your oil, as well as the reservoir unit. If the oil is contaminated, drain it and replace it.

If none of the above remedies results in an immediate improvement in the performance of your Cub Cadet LS 25 Log Splitter, contact by phone, email or via our website form for more information and assistance.

Where To Buy Cub Cadet LS 25 Log Splitter Parts

Everything you need to service your Cub Cadet LS 25 Log Splitter can be ordered and delivered in a state of the art, efficient, and cost-effective fashion. You can purchase Cub Cadet LS 25 Log Splitter OEM parts directly from Use the handy search function to go directly to the parts you need, and be prepared for an excellent deal.

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