Cub Cadet Log Splitters Overview


As the winter months are in full swing, many people are looking for inexpensive and efficient ways to heat their homes. This means that more firewood is being sold, and land owners are hard pressed to chop all those trees into usable cords of wood. Cub Cadet offers a simple solution with their line of portable and easy to use log splitters that are perfect for any size home operation.

Strength and Speed:

Cub Cadet has been in the residential and commercial landscaping equipment industry since 1961. They have focused on building reliable machines that make the user’s life easier. The LS 25 Cub Cadet Log Splitter is their most economical option, designed for people who are taking the first step into log splitting with machinery. Cub Cadet has turned to Honda for help from their 160CC OHC engine so that this splitter is both strong enough to get the job done, but also quiet and efficient enough to make the three-gallon fuel tank last a long time. This machine is both convenient to use and easy to maneuver while providing 25 tons of ram force to the splitting head. Plus it’s designed so that you can easily adjust between vertical and horizontal loading, meaning it can be used even in rough and unusual terrain.

The LS 27 Log Splitter is the next step up in Cub Cadet’s line, serving both experienced residential customers and being an easy choice for small commercial operations. It retains all of the user-friendly controls and configurations that the LS 25 boasts, but wields an impressive 27 tons of ram pressure with Cub Cadet’s very own 277cc OHV engine. This machine is designed to handle logs up to 25″ long in either horizontal or vertical mode and has a full cycle time of only 15 seconds.

Maintenance and Warranties:

Cub Cadet has established themselves as an industry leader in landscape management equipment of all kinds. They provide warranties for all of their log splitters for two full years so you can be confident that all of the mechanical parts of the system are made to last through even the toughest splitting seasons.

Where to buy parts and accessories:

At, you’ll find a wide range of OEM parts and accessories¬†available for log splitters, designed to help with routine maintenance but also to improve the user experience and safety of these machines. They stock everything from engine components, oil pans and more to keep your equipment operating like new.

For more information about Cub Cadet’s log splitter line along with easy to find parts, brochures, accessories and more, visit

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