Landscaping Do’s and Don’ts

Landscaping dos and dontsEveryone likes a nicely landscaped yard as it both increases curb appeal for houses and brings positive attention to businesses. Some homeowners choose to do their own landscaping¬†while others go with professionals to get exactly the look they want. Regardless of how you decide to do it, here are some do’s and don’ts of landscaping your yard.

Do Plan For The Future

It’s important to have a plan when you start landscaping. When you consider the plants you want, make sure to allow for their mature size. Assess the type of soil you have, whether rocky, sandy or nutrient-rich. Plant plants that are suited for your location and correct areas that have problems, such as an eroding hillside. If you plan to add water features or a sitting area, allow for that as well.

Don’t Forget About Maintenance

When you start planning your dream landscape, it can be easy to forget the maintenance aspect of it. The landscaped area must remain functional and you want to be able to maintain it as needed. If you have spots that could be difficult to mow, consider planting an easy maintenance ground cover in the area instead. You also have to consider whether overgrown shrubs or trees will block anything important, such as utility access.

Do Mow Your Lawn Properly

Not all grasses are created equal and the mowing techniques are also different for different types. Some grasses need to be kept at a longer length in order to remain healthy while others can be cut down to turf size and be just fine. Find out what your type of grass requires and set your mower blades according to that.

Don’t Fill Your Landscape With Annuals

It can be tempting to head for the nursery in the Spring or Summer and pick out all the plants in bloom. However, many times these plants are largely annuals, which means they will only bloom in the current season and then you will have to repeat the process the following year. Instead, spend time picking out perennials and choose only enough annuals to augment them.

Do Maintain Your Equipment

Equipment maintenance is an important part of landscaping. Keeping everything looking great means having equipment that works efficiently and safely. Replace parts as they become worn and have anything you can’t fix yourself, serviced by a professional equipment technician.

Don’t Waste The Water

Water is an important part of keeping a landscaped yard looking perfect, but you don’t want to waste water either. Mitigate this by installing some drought tolerant plants throughout your landscape and install a sprinkler system so you can set a timer for watering. Another way to save water is by using mulch, which helps the ground retain water.

Where can I find parts?

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