Commercial Use of Cub Cadet Chipper Shredder Vacuums

Chipper Shredder Vacuums

What’s the point of a chipper shredder vacuum? Normally, when you use a chipper shredder, you have to gather up all the branches and yard debris, then carry them to the chipper. By combining chipping and shredding blades into a vacuum, you can simply push the unit over the grass to pick up small debris, stopping occasionally to feed a larger branch into the chute.

What’s the difference between Cub Cadet’s chipper shredder vacuum models?

The CSV 050 is a push vacuum, while the CSV 070 is self-propelled. Otherwise, these vacuums are basically the same. Even the weight is similar with both models weigh a little under 100 lbs, so you don’t have to sacrifice maneuverability to get a self-propelled drive.

How Do They Work?

At first glance, these vacuums look a lot like walk behind mowers, and using one is pretty similar. Instead of a blade, the engine drives a 13.5 inch cast aluminum impeller. Debris drawn into the chamber are chopped fine enough that they take up just 1/8th of the space they would if they were merely raked up and put in a trash bag.

Under regular use, debris are picked up by a 24 inch wide intake and fed to the impeller. Need to pick up leaves and debris in remote locations? These vacuums come with a 7-foot long vacuum hose. To use it, just flip the lever next to the nozzle, and the suction power will be redirected from the nozzle.

Between the engine and the vacuum hose, there’s a chute that can handle branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter. This doesn’t just go to the impeller: it leads to a separate chamber with a set of 6 cast steel flails that quickly chip the wood and push it into the bag.

How Does a Chipper Shredder Vacuum Help with Lawn Care?

By putting all these functions into a portable unit, the CSV 050 and 070 take a lot of the labor out of clearing a lawn.

No raking – just roll the vacuum over the debris, and the impeller handles the rest.

No gathering branches, either – just feed branches into the chute as you come across them.

That 8:1 compaction ratio means mulch takes up less space. In turn, there are fewer bags of yard waste and lower disposal costs.

What about maintenance? That’s easy, too. The impeller and flails can be accessed using common hand tools, letting you replace them or remove jammed debris without needing to see a dealer. The engine is also the same 159 cc unit used in many of Cub Cadet’s walk behind mowers, which means it’s easy to start and has a proven reliability record. Both models are also covered by a 3-year limited residential warranty.

Where Can I Get Parts?

It’s easy: just go to They carry parts for everything Cub Cadet from classic tractor to modern lawn care equipment. Thanks to their massive warehouse, most items can be shipped the same day whether you need replacement flails or major engine components.

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