LE 100 Edger/Trencher

LE 100 Edger/Trencher

Are you doing your lawn care yourself, but you can’t get the edge definition you see on professionally maintained lawns? Cub Cadet’s LE 100 Edger/Trencher can cut into the soil at different angles and depths to give your lawn clear transitions and clean edges while still being simple to use and within the reach of a homeowner’s budget.


This edger is powered by a 159cc Cub Cadet OHV engine. Designed and built by Cub Cadet specifically for their own equipment, this engine has proven itself in a range of equipment from lawn mowers to snowblowers. Everything on this motor is built to be as simple to use as possible. Since it has no choke or priming bulb, it will fire up on the first or second pull every time you start it.

Blade Control

A heavy-duty belt drives the blade while absorbing shocks if the blade comes in contact with hard objects. The included 9-inch tri-tip blade is self-sharpening, so it’s always ready to use.

The blade has three angle positions to make different edges. These are set using a small lever next to the engine. Tilted over, it can be used to trim along flower beds, creating a professional-looking beveled edge that defines the border between the flowers and the turf. Uses straight up, it can trim grass next to curbs, sidewalks, and driveways, creating a more even, defined edge than what is possible with a string trimmer. A lever on the handle lets the operator lower the blade to one of 6 depth settings ranging from 1 to 2.25 inches. This lets the trimmer create sharp lines with minimal dirt removal or create long beveled cuts when creating edges around mulch-covered beds.

Movement and Storage

This edger rides on four wheels mounted on ball bearings, making it as smooth rolling as Cub Cadet’s lawn mowers. The front wheels are placed next to each other to support the machine when driving over curbs.

The curb wheel has 5 positions, dropping down to support the outside of the edger when going over curbs. This height adjustment is controlled by a lever that is within reach of the operator’s right foot so the wheel can be dropped and lifted without having to stop the machine.

Setting the blade in the top height position keeps it well above the front wheels for transport. The handle can be folded by loosening two large hand-tighten nuts, making the unit small enough to fit in the back of a car or under a workbench for storage.


Cub Cadet guarantees the LE 100 and the engine that powers it for three years of residential use.

Getting Parts for Your Cub Cadet Edger

New or old, if it’s Cub Cadet, you can parts and accessories from www.cubparts.com. We’re a certified Cub Cadet dealer, so we’re able to sell OEM components to replace anything on your equipment. Not sure what you need? You can search for parts based on your model’s name and serial number so you’ll only see compatible parts. With our site’s built-in factory exploded diagrams and descriptions, you can quickly identify what you need. We ship across the U.S. and Canada.

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