Z-Force L/LX Series ZTRs

Z-Force L/LX Series ZTRs

Cub Cadet’s Tank Z-Force L and LX Series brings zero turning radius mowers to homeowners without having to make compromises. Large deck sizes let these mowers cover up to three acres, maneuverability lets them cut grass faster around landscaping obstacles, and a combination of high-quality engines and constructed decks ensure years of trouble-free service.


Cub Cadet knows these mowers will be used for large lawns, so they put an emphasis on comfort and ease of use. This starts with the frame. Its single-piece construction helps quell vibrations and impacts, while E-Coat electroplating gives it exceptional corrosion resistance. A high backed seat with armrests and a large foot plate make these mowers comfortable for operators of any size, and the lap bars have oversized padding to reduce fatigue. An electric PTO makes it easy to control the deck, while the parking brake engages automatically when the lap bars are opened. The mower can even charge your smartphone with the addition of a 12-volt outlet kit.


The Z-Force uses a mid-deck design, placing the deck between the front and rear wheels to keep the mower compact. Cub Cadet fits these models with fabricated decks made out of 11 gauge steel with a 7 gauge reinforcement plate on top to support a set of heavy-duty spindles.

Every deck is fitted with three high lift blades to increase vacuum for a quality finish. The drive belts are exposed with protective covers on the outer pulleys, making it each to check the belt condition and perform maintenance. By connecting a garden hose to the SmartJet deck washing system, grass and debris can be flushed out of the mowing chamber to maintain cutting performance.

The Easy Lift adjuster uses a handle mounted next to the operator with clear marks for deck heights ranging from 1-5 inches. Cub Cadet also offers a kit that adds a power deck lift system.

The decks are set up for side discharge, but they can also be used for other types of mowing by adding accessories. For mulching, there’s a kit that adds a mulch plug over the deck discharge and inner baffles that increase vacuum, letting the blades cut grass into small, digestible pieces. For clipping collection, there’s a kit that directs clippings from the discharge up into a set of rear-mounted bags. Want a ballpark finish> Cub Cadet offers a lawn striping kit that rolls the grass right after it’s cut.


Z-Force L mowers are powered by Kohler’s 7000 Series PRO, while LX models use Kawasaki’s FR engine.

The 7000 is based on the company’s professional Command Pro engines. It comes with Kohler’s Consistent-Cut governor reacts quickly to shifting load demands, keeping the blades from bogging down when moving into rougher areas. Starting is easy thanks to an automatic choke and an automatic decompression system that takes the load off of the start.

The Kawasaki FR is also based on a commercial engine. Utilizing the same block as their professional V-Twins, it comes with cast iron cylinder liners and a heavy-duty intake screen that keeps debris from gathering on the cooling fins.

Both engines come with a fully pressurized lubrication system that’s kept clean with an automotive-style filter, and both Force L and LX motors are fitted with an hour meter to keep tabs on maintenance.


Unlike Cub Cadet’s lawn tractors, these ZTRs are virtually identical, letting you narrow down your choice to your preferred engine and deck size.

Three deck sizes are available: the 48-inch deck is good for lawns up to two acres, the 54-inch deck for up to three acres, and the 60-inch deck for up to three and a half acres.

The L 48 comes with a 24 hp Kohler engine, while the L 54 and L 60 use a 25 hp engine. The LX 48, LX 54 and LX 60 all use the same 24 hp Kawasaki FR730V.


Cub Cadet guarantees the mower for three years, while Kohler and Kawasaki both offer three-year warranties on their engines.

Get the Parts and Accessories You Need for Your Cub Cadet

Where can you get parts for Cub Cadet, Kawasaki and Kohler equipment? www.cubparts.com. As a certified dealer for Cub Cadet and their manufacturing partners, we’re can provide you with accessories and OEM parts for everything on your ZTR. We even have factory information including descriptions and parts diagrams built into our site, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. We ship to both the U.S. and Canada.

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