LS 25 CC and CC H Log Splitters

LS 25 CC

Looking for a log splitter with enough force to be usable without being too expensive and difficult to operate? Cub Cadet’s LS 25 CC and LS 25 CC H strike the perfect balance between size and power, offering the strength to cut through any seasoned log in a package that’s designed to be easy to use and transport.

The Power and Speed for Real World Use

The LS 25 CC comes with a 9.5 GPM pump that enables the cylinder to exert a force of 25 tons. That’s enough to go through anything except the biggest, greenest logs. This combination has a cycle time of 19 seconds while an auto return system retracts the wedge without requiring a hand on the control lever. This lets you get the next log and load it without having to wait between cycles.

Logs are supported by a cast steel foot plate and split using a cast iron wedge that can be sharpened for consistent cutting performance. A log dislodger and log trays come standard, saving time and frustration when loading and removing logs.

This splitter can handle logs up to 25 inches and can be operated horizontally or vertically, letting you choose between having an easier loading height for small logs or shorter lifting distance for large chunks of wood. Switching between modes is easy: just pull a pin near the pivot point and tilt the beam into position. Coils of steel wire wrap around the hydraulic hoses to protect them during movement.

The pump has a three-gallon oil reserve which is filled at the factory, saving on initial use costs and saving new owners the lengthy task of purging air from the system.

Built for Portability

This log splitter is built into a trailer with a two-inch tow hitch and a pair of D.O.T. approved transport wheels and tires. Polymer fenders deflect debris when towing while resisting impacts from falling logs while in use. Once on site, the trailer can be detached and the tongue propped up using the built-in jack.

One Splitter, Two Engines

The LS 25 CC is offered in two versions. Aside from the engines, everything on these models is identical down to the 585 lb. curb weight.

The standard LS 25 CC is powered by a 208 cc Cub Cadet OHV engine. Like all the company’s engines, the design focus is on ease of use with a simple starting procedure and minimal maintenance.

The LS 25 CC H uses a 160 cc Honda GC-Series engine. Thanks to its overhead cam head and advanced internal design, its output is similar to the Cub Cadet motor. The GC uses an internal timing belt, precision manufactured components and a resin cam to greatly reduce noise during operation.


Cub Cadet guarantees the LS 25 CC and its engine for three years of residential use. The engine in the LS 25 CC is covered by a three-year warranty from Honda, while the rest of the components are guaranteed for three years by Cub Cadet.


If you need parts for one of these splitters, you can get them at We’re a certified dealer for Cub Cadet and their manufacturing partners including Honda, letting us provide parts for these splitters and the engines that power them. Our site makes finding parts easy with sections of popular parts as well as a search engine with built-in parts diagrams and descriptions. We ship across the U.S. and Canada.

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