Maintaining and Repairing Cub Cadet Pressure Washers

Cub Cadet Pressure WasherCub Cadet Pressure Washers are designed to be used for many seasons when cared for properly. Maintaining and repairing this equipment is easy with this simple guideline.

Maintaining Cub Cadet Pressure Washers

  • Pump Oil: After the initial 50 hours of use, your Cub Cadet pressure washer should receive its first pump oil change. After the initial oil change, future ones should occur in three month intervals.

Here are the steps to replace the pump oil:

1. Remove the plug that contains the oil. The oil fill plug is located at the top of the pump.

2. Slowly remove the drain plug after placing a small bucket underneath it to catch the oil.

3. Once the pump is finished draining, replace the drain plug.

4. Fill the pump with oil and reassemble the fill plug.

  • Water Inlet Filter: The water inlet filter is a metal screen that accumulates debris over time. In order to clean this part, slide the water inlet filter from the opening before rinsing the piece with water. After the short cleaning process, reinstall the part to the water inlet by positioning the front surface of the screen away from the pump.
  • Nozzle: One of the signs of a clogged nozzle is a pulsation on the handle when the pressure washer is in operation. Because a clogged nozzle can potentially cause damage to the washer, users should stop spraying when they feel this sensation.

Here are the steps to clean a clogged nozzle:

1. Immediately turn off the motor and the water supply.

2. Release the remaining water pressure by pulling the handle on the sprayer.

3. Once the spray wand is removed from the gun, disconnect the nozzle from the wand.

4. By utilizing the specified cleaning tool, push the debris from the nozzle with a twisting motion. Run a stream of water across the nozzle for at least thirty seconds in order to remove the remaining debris.

5. Reattach the nozzle to the wand as well as the wand to the gun.

  • Engine: As the power source to the Cub Cadet Pressure Washers, a well-maintained engine will drastically support the great performance of this outdoor lawn equipment.

Here are some recommendations for optimal engine care:
1. The air filter should be cleaned regularly in order to prevent low power and flooding.

2. Regularly removing grass and dirt will support a cool engine.

3. The spark plugs should be cleaned once during each of the four seasons.

4. In order to promote superb performance and reliability, ensure that the engine always contains fresh and clean fuel.

Troubleshooting Cub Cadet Pressure Washers

Even with regular maintenance, you may need to occasionally replace a part, or have your equipment serviced and repaired.

  • Water Leaking at the Pump: When the Cub Cadet Pressure Washer starts to leak water at the pump, users should quickly tighten any loose connections.
  • Little or No Pressure when First Used: Remove debris from the water inlet filter to improve flow. Examine the high-pressure hose for leaks. Ensure that the water supply is flowing at a rate of at least 5 GPM and 20 PSI.
  • Little or No Pressure After Normal Use: Worn seal, valves, or unloader pistons may cause your equipment to lose pressure after a few years.  You can buy replacement parts for your Cub Cadet pressure washer at
  • Engine Won’t Start: Check the connection of the spark plug wire. Ensure that enough fuel is in the tank.

Where to Buy Replacement OEM Parts for your Pressure Washer

Everything you need to service Cub Cadet Pressure Washers can be ordered and delivered in a state of the art, efficient, and cost-effective fashion. You can purchase OEM parts directly from Use the handy search function to go directly to the parts you need, and be prepared for an excellent deal and fast shipping across the U.S. and Canada.


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