Overview of Cub Cadet String Trimmers


Looking to get a string trimmer to use around the house? Cub Cadet has a model to serve any residential need. Their lineup includes 7 models with the option of two stroke, four stroke or battery-powered electric engine options. A line of accessories can turn any trimmer into a multi-purpose lawn tool.

The Features You’ll Find Across Cub Cadet’s Gas String Trimmer Line

All trimmers have a 17-inch cutting swath. That means choosing between models comes down to picking the engine, trimmer head type and brushcutter capability.

Every Cub Cadet string trimmer is built to work with a range of accessories. Even if you only use your trimmer for cutting grass, this lets you choose between a boom with a straight shaft or a curved shaft.  Straight shafts transmit less vibration and make it easier to cut under bushes and shrubs while curved shafts are lighter and easier to handle in tight quarters.  All models come with a straight shaft from the factory.  Some models include a brushcutter for cutting through thick growth; they come with a handle that prevents kickback while this attachment is in use.

Every trimmer comes with a three-year limited residential warranty.

The Models

SS 270
27cc two stroke engine (50-hour rating)
Fixed line head
0.105 line

BC 280
27cc two stroke engine (50-hour rating)
Fixed line head and brushcutter
0.105 line

SS 470
25cc PRO four stroke engine (125-hour rating)
Bump feed head
0.095 line

ST 228
27 cc PRO 2 stroke engine (125-hour rating)
Premium bump feed head and brushcutter blade
0.095 line diameter

BC 490
25cc PRO four stroke engine (125-hour rating)
Bump feed head and brushcutter blade
0.095 line diameter

ST 428
25cc PRO four stroke engine (125-hour rating)
Bump feed head and brushcutter blade
0.095 line diameter

*This model is compatible with Cub Cadet’s Power Start bit, letting you start the engine using a drill.

Gas Trimmer Accessories

PS720 Polesaw: Extending up to 11 feet, the 8-inch bar at the end of this saw can cut logs up to 4 inches in diameter.

LD720 Dethatcher: Removes thick underlayers of grass and debris that can hold in moisture and support fungal and pest infestations.

CB720 Blower: This unit is the only residential blower accessory on the market with an axial fan for greater efficiency and performance with air flow up to 500 cfm.

The Battery-Powered CC1

40V max power
1.85 amp hour Lithium Ion battery
13-inch cutting swath
0.095 twist line

This electric model can only use a curved shaft and it isn’t compatible with the gas trimmer accessories. However, it does include a compatible blower attachment that can reach speeds of 80 mph for a peak flow rate of 450 CFM.

Batteries for this model take 90 minutes to charge, and two packs are included, letting you use one while the other is charging. Speed is variable like a gas-powered trimmer, but this model also has an Eco mode to conserve power when going through light grass. Like the gas models, Cub Cadet covers the CC1 with a three-year warranty.

Where to Buy Cub Cadet Parts

No matter which trimmer you choose, cubparts.com can provide you everything you need to get the most out of your Cub Cadet. Whether you need repair items like spark plugs and air filters, or you’re looking to get a different boom to extend your model’s versatility, they carry it, and they can send it to you no matter where you are in the U.S. or Canada.


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