Overview of Cub Cadet Garden Tillers

Overview of Cub Cadet Garden Tillers

Garden tillers are versatile and powerful machines that allow users to till their gardens and lawns quicker and more efficiently. They are relatively simple machines that feature central rotating metal blades that are used to dig into the soil. These tines are sharp, and their shape allows them to move in different directions to till soil more efficiently. Because of the shape, the soil is tilled more aggressively and users do not have to worry about soil clumping around the edges of the tiller and across the surface of the blade. Different models typically feature different power settings as well, which allows users to adjust the way their system works, depending on the size of their garden and how deep they plan on tilling.  Garden tillers are highly advantageous because they make it easier and quicker for homeowners to prepare a bed, which is often the most difficult task of any garden. After removing sod and weeds, the tiller works the soil and breaks up dirt clods, making it easier to add things such as manure, peat moss and compost. While this is relatively simple in a smaller patch, larger gardens need tillers, otherwise, the work becomes exhausting and time-consuming. Small tillers are also highly useful for small jobs, such as cultivating soil in garden rows and removing weeds at a faster pace. Large tillers are worth considering because they can chip apart wood. Tillers are also versatile outside of the garden, and homeowners can use them to shred leaves, grind compost or even make furrows.

To use garden tillers simply set the throttle in the starting position and pull the start handle quickly to start the engine. When the tiller is operational, move it around the garden as necessary.  It helps to work in rows and overlap your passes. Put the tiller in the necessary starting location before beginning to operate. Move the tiller handles to change direction and push the tiller forward, covering as much area as desired. Apply downward pressure to keep the tiller operating and after you’re done, inspect the soil to see if it is tilled as desired. If your soil has never been tilled before, you’ll benefit from tilling several times over the course of a few days.  Avoid large rocks and other debris that might damage the blades on the tiller.

Some of the Cub Cadet garden tillers available vary based on their engine specifications. The RT 45 model and the RT 65 model feature a 208 CC engine and a 196 CC engine. Most tillers are divided into two categories: front-tined and rear-tined. Most front-tined tillers are designed to be compact and easy to use, and there are many that weigh less than 30 pounds. These tillers are ideal for smaller gardens and personal needs. Rear-tined tillers are significantly larger, with some weighing more than 100 pounds. Because of the massive workload they are designed for, they are often purchased for professional applications and larger gardening projects.

If you would like to learn more about your tiller options, visit cubparts.com and explore the available selection of parts and accessories that will help you prepare your garden with ease.  Cubparts carries parts for everything from tractors to small equipment & they can ship to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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