Rain Barrel Collection Systems for a Well Watered Lawn & Garden

rain barrel

With the spring season coming up, homeowners should plan ahead for their lawn & garden’s needs to create a lush display for the warmer weather. While this means taking the time to prepare the outdoor lawn equipment and plan out arrangements for flowers and shrubs, it is also a good idea to invest in a rain barrel collection system.

What is a Rain Barrel Collection System?

As the name implies, a rain barrel collection system is a way to irrigate lawns where homeowners arrange one (or several) large containers to capture rain water and repurpose it for outdoor water applications. This water is known as greywater, and while it is not immediately safe to drink, users can create a money saving and useful irrigation system. These systems are highly versatile, and you can create one in any size or shape by simply gathering more barrels together and connecting them through a series of tubes or funnels. Most homeowners use their gutters to funnel water into a collection system, and a few simple adjustments can make it easy to outfit any home with such a system.

What are the Collection System’s Benefits?

One of the system’s advantages is the fact that homeowners do not need to pay for water that they would use for irrigation. Because the rain barrel collection system is designed to work with rain, all that users need to do is store their water after a rainfall and use it as necessary over the spring and summer. The collection system also allows users to keep all of their needed water in one convenient place outside.  Everything that you need is already prepared and ready for use.

Applying the System to the Garden

The way you use your home’s rain barrel collection system can vary based on the size of your garden and how you cultivate it.  A simple collection of plants and flowers is easy to take care of simply by using the spigot at the bottom of the barrel to fill up a watering can for quick use. For more intensive and active applications, however, you may need more knowledge of engineering. Some homeowners create large-scale sprinkler systems and agricultural pipes and networks that draw water from the rain barrel collection. These complex arrangements are typically applicable to larger garden configurations, and you can even program intelligent solutions to the system, such as releasing water at certain times throughout the day or season.

Basic Supplies Needed

To make your very own rain barrel collection system, you will need a few supplies. These may vary based on how large you want your system, but be sure to gather a spigot, a massive drum or barrel that you can use to collect the water, a coupling, a bushing, a hose adapter, a lock nut and four metal washers. Also, gather four to six concrete blocks, a roll of thread tape, a tube of caulk and a piece of aluminum window screen, which helps you keep out insects, leaves and other debris that could get into the barrel.

How to Prepare the Lawn for the Spring

In addition to a rain barrel system, there are numerous other proactive steps you can take to prepare your lawn and garden for the warmer weather. Plan ahead for your aeration needs and dig out the plugs that could keep your lawn from looking its best. Shake off the cobwebs of your small engine equipment as well, as mowers and tillers can be paramount to a beautiful lawn. Always be sure to check your oil levels and do not hesitate to contact the professionals at cubparts.com if something seems to be wrong with your outdoor equipment.  With a large selection of in stock replacement parts, the team at cubparts.com can ship what you need to keep your equipment in tip-top shape directly to your door. If you need help finding the parts your need or advice on maintaining your outdoor power equipment, you can contact them here.


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