Replacing a Snow Blower Sheer Bolt

Top-3-Best-Heavy-Duty-Snow-Blowers-Picture-1You’re removing snow with your Cub Cadet snowblower and suddenly the auger quits spinning. Maybe you’ve hit a rock or slid off the driveway so the blade hit the pavement, but one thing is certain — you’ve just broken a sheer bolt. Now what? This guide will walk you through replacing this bolt so you can get back to work.

What is a Sheer Bolt?

A sheer bolt is what engineers call a “sacrificial part.” If something goes wrong, the force is exerted on this part, causing it to break. This in turn protects more costly components. In the case of your snowblower, the sheer bolt connects the auger to the drive system. If something gets jammed in the mechanism, the force snaps the sheer bolt, cutting the transfer of power from the engine to the auger. This in turn saves the auger, engine, driveshaft, and pulley system from damage.

Here’s how you replace it:

Step 1: Deactivate the Snowblower Engine

When you notice the sheer bolt has broken and the auger is no longer spinning, the snowblower is probably still running. Shut the engine off and disconnect the cap from the spark plug: the last thing you want is an accidental start while your hands are near the impellers.

Step 2: Find the Problem

The bolt broke for a reason: inspect the auger housing and chute, removing any debris that could have jammed the auger.

Step 3: Line Up the Bolt Holes

Once the bolt breaks, the driveshaft and auger can spin separately, pushing the hole out of alignment. Spin the auger until the outer hole and inner hole line up. These holes are usually located midway between the center and end of the auger. If you can’t see them, consult your owner’s manual for the locations.

Step 4: Remove the Broken Bolt

Depending on the way it came apart, the sheer bolt may have flown out when it broke, fell out when the auger was realigned, or may still be in the hole. If part of the bolt is still in the driveshaft, push it out or gently tap it out using a hammer and a small punch. If the bolt isn’t coming out easily, make sure the auger and driveshaft are perfectly aligned so that the bolt isn’t trapped by the edge of the hole on the auger.

Step 5: Install the New Sheer Bolt

Now that the hole is open, slide in the new sheer bolt and tighten it down. Turn the auger to make sure everything is moving correctly.

Step 6: Get the Snowblower Running Again

Reconnect the spark plug cap. The snowblower should be ready to use again.

Where to Get Parts for Your Cub Cadet Snowblower

The only thing worse than having a sheer bolt break in the middle of clearing snow is finding out you don’t have a replacement handy. If you need a new set of sheer bolts or anything else for your Cub Cadet snowblower, visit We’re a certified Cub Cadet dealer carrying everything you need for your equipment, and we can ship your order to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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