Should You Be Using Cub Connect?

iphone-6-lg-@1xShould you be using Cub Connect? You don’t have to, but this app can make it a lot easier to maintain your equipment, keeping it running reliably for years to come.

How Does It Work?

Some Cub Cadet models now have a built-in Smart Hour Meter. When the ignition is on, this meter can transfer information to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Your equipment does not connect directly to the Internet — it just passes usage information to your phone.

This information is accessed using the Cub Connect app, which is available for Android on the Google Play store and iOS from the App Store. Launch the app, input the model and serial number by typing them in or scanning the barcode on the information tag, and it will connect with your Cub Cadet. From then on, you’ll be able to use the app’s functions to maintain your mower, and it will automatically gather information from your equipment each time it connects to the Smart Hour Meter.

Don’t want to use the Cub Connect app? The Smart Hour Meter still has a digital display, so you can keep track of your mower’s use and maintain it the old fashioned way.

What Does Cub Connect Do?

This app has several features built into it to make it easier to maintain your mower.

Easy product registration: Registering your Cub Cadet with the company can be done from your device. Instead of having to type in the model and serial number, you can simply scan the barcodes on your equipment using your phone.

Maintenance reminders: The app keeps track of the hours of operation on your equipment and notifies you when it will need maintenance. The dashboard lets you see how long parts are expected to last so you can plan ahead, ordering parts before you need them. When you service your equipment, it can be logged in the system, letting you keep tabs on what you’ve done.

Do It Yourself: Want to do maintenance yourself? The app has step-by-step instructions and videos to show you how.

Access operator’s manuals: The manuals for your equipment and its engine are available to view from your smartphone.

One tap calling to Customer Service: Have a problem? This feature lets you talk to someone at Cub Cadet without having to look up the service number.

Find service centers: Have a major problem? The app can find a certified service center nearby that can fix your equipment.

Which Models Can Use Cub Connect?

Currently, there are six models of riding mowers that are compatible with this system:

XT1 LT54
XT1 GT50

Cub Cadet plans on adding Smart Hour Meters to their commercial equipment in the near future.

Where Can I Get Parts for my Cub Cadet?

Whether you have a classic tractor or a Bluetooth-enabled mower, you can get everything you need for your Cub Cadet at We’re a certified Cub Cadet dealer, and our site has factory diagrams and descriptions built-in to make it easy to identify the parts you want to order. We can ship the parts and accessories you need anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

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