Safety Guidelines for Cub Cadet 530 SWE Snowblowers

Cub Cadet 530The Cub Cadet 530 SWE makes clearing snow a cakewalk, but any machine that’s powerful enough to pick up snow and hurl it several feet has the potential to cause serious injury and property damage. These tips will help you use your snowblower as safely as possible.

1. Even if you’ve used snowblowers before, read the included manuals before trying to assemble and operate your new Cub Cadet. The same goes for anyone else who may be using your snowblower. Pay close attention to the instructions on stopping the machine and disengaging the auger and impeller: this should always be the first step when addressing any issue with the machine.
2. Children under 14 years of age should not use this machine. Parental supervision is still advised for those over 14.

Before Use

1. Check the area for any newspapers, wires, toys, door mats or other objects that could be picked up by the snowblower.
2. Always wear safety glasses when using or working on the snowblower. Objects can be thrown by the blower with enough force to ricochet off nearby objects, potentially leading to eye injury.
3. Don’t wear jewelery, scarves or other loose clothing that could get tangled up in the auger.
4. Always use a grounded three wire extension cord and three prong outlet when powering the electric starter.
5. Disengage all controls before starting the engine.
6. Never make adjustments to the blower while the engine is running.
7. Adjust the auger housing high enough that it will clear any gravel or crushed rock.
8. Let the engine run long enough to come up to temperature before using it to clear snow.


1. Like having your hands and feet attached to your body? Don’t put them near any rotating parts in the auger housing or the chute assembly.
2. Don’t bypass the auger/impeller control lever: Being able to quickly shut off the auger and impeller is extremely important if something goes wrong.
3. The control levers must be able to operate easily in both directions and should return to the disengaged position when released.
4. Don’t use the snowblower if the chute is missing or damaged.
5. Warm up the engine outdoors. Running it indoors or in a poorly ventilated area can cause build up of odorless and deadly carbon monoxide gas.
6. Don’t use the machine while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
7. Do not touch the engine or muffler when the snowblower is running and do not let children come near the blower: both parts will become hot enough to cause burns shortly after the motor is started.
8. Exercise extreme caution when operating on or crossing gravel surfaces and stay alert for hidden hazards. A hidden rock or other object can quickly become a projectile if it is picked up by the auger.
9. Be careful changing direction and when operating on slopes to keep the blower upright. Go slow on slippery surfaces.
10. Plan your snow-throwing pattern to avoid discharge towards windows, walls, cars and other object to avoid property damage and injury via ricocheting objects. Keep people and pets at least 75 feet from the machine while it is operating.
11. Never operate the snowblower without good visibility, good footing and a good grip on the controls.
12. Disengage the auger and impeller when not in use. Wait until the auger and impeller come to a complete stop before servicing or inspecting the snowblower.
13. If the snowblower starts vibrating abnormally, stop the engine immediately. Disconnect the spark plug wire and ground it against the engine. Inspect the machine and repair any damage before restarting.

Clearing a Clogged Chute

This is the most common cause of injuries related to snowblower use.
1. Shut off the engine.
2. Wait 10 seconds to be sure the impeller and auger have stopped.
3. Clean the chute using the included tool. Never use your hands.

Maintenance & Storage

1. Never tamper with safety devices, including the engine governor and auger control.
2. Disengage all control levers, stop the engine and allow the auger and impeller to come to a complete stop before performing any maintenance or inspection. Disconnect the spark plug wire and ground against the engine to prevent premature starting.
3. Visually inspect the machine for damage and check bolts and screws for tightness at frequent intervals.
4. Always use OEM parts when replacing damaged shave plates, skid shoes and shear pins. Use only accessories approved by the manufacturer. carries the full line of parts and accessories designed specifically for your Cub Cadet.
5. Control levers should be checked for function periodically and should be adjusted if they fail to engage and disengage easily.
6. Before storing, run machine for a few minutes to clear snow from machine and prevent the auger and impeller from freezing.
7. Store the machine away from devices with open flames or sparks such as pilot lights and heaters to prevent fuel ignition.
8. Check fuel line, tank, fuel cap and fittings frequently for cracks or leaks.
9. Do not crank the engine with the spark plug removed.

For all your Cub Cadet 530 Snowblower maintenance and repair requirements, visit Use the online parts locator to easily locate parts required for optimal snowblower operation.

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