Set-Up and Assembly for a Cub Cadet Pressure Washer

Cub Cadet Pressure WasherJust bought a CC3224, CC3425 or CC4033 pressure washer? This guide will help you get your new Cub Cadet pressure washer ready to use.

Setting Things Up Safely

As with any internal combustion engine, care should be taken when refueling the motor in this pressure washer. Adding fuel when the engine is hot or running and using the washer near sparks or open flame could cause the gasoline to ignite.

Putting your hands between the handle and frame when installing or removing the handle could result in a pinch injury.

Water coming out of the washer can be powerful enough to penetrate flesh causing amputations and injection wounds. Injection wounds are more dangerous than simple lacerations and should be treated by a medical professional. Note that this includes water coming from anywhere from the pressurized side of the pump, whether it’s the nozzle, hose, or leaks between the connections.

What’s in the Carton?

Before assembling your new pressure washer, check to make sure everything you need has been included in the packaging:

Pressure washer
Spray gun
Spray Wand
High pressure hose
Detergent injection system hose
5 quick connect nozzles
Nozzle cleaning tool
Two saddle bolts – these bolts have round heads that are bent into a “u” shape.
Two knobs
Engine operator’s manual
Pressure washer operator’s manual
One bottle of engine oil

Also, check the inlet on the pump for a dome-shaped filter screen. It’s designed to be easy to remove for cleaning, so there’s a chance it may pop out between the pressure washer’s unboxing and its first use.


Slide the handle onto the frame posts behind the engine and pump. Secure the handle by inserting the two saddle bolts into the frame holes on the side closest to the pump, then screw knobs onto the bolts.


Remove the nozzles from the bag and place them in the holder on the handle. The nozzles are color coded to match the label on the holder for easy identification.


The wand is attached to the gun by threading it onto the nut at the gun’s outlet. This nut should be finger tight to ensure a good seal.

High Pressure Hose

This hose attaches to the gun and the pump outlet via quick connectors. Slide the sleeve down on the connector and insert the plug located below the handle on the gun. Release the sleeve and it should lock onto the fitting. Do the same to attach the hose to the pump outlet.

Siphon Hose

This hose is used to draw in detergents and cleaning chemicals as needed. One end slides over a fitting between the pump and pump outlet, while the other end goes into the container holding the cleaner. This hose doesn’t need to be installed if the washer is only going to be used to spray water.


Oil and fuel will need to be added to the engine before the pump is used. Refer to the engine owner’s manual on how to correctly add these fluids and check the oil level.

Pump Oil Level

The pump comes filled with oil from the factory, but it should still be checked in case there was any leakage during transit. To check the oil level, look at the sight glass on the side of the pump. The oil should come up to the dot at the center of the glass. If the level is low, add oil.

Where to buy Cub Cadet Pressure Washer Parts

Lost a part? Need a replacement? carries everything Cub Cadet from classic tractors to the latest household equipment. The site’s built-in parts lookup system and complete diagrams make it easy to find the OEM parts you need for your pressure washer.

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