How to Troubleshoot a CS2210 Chipper Shredder

Cub Cadet 210 Chipper ShredderHaving trouble with your Cub Cadet CS2210? These tips will help you track down and fix the most common problems you may have with this chipper shredder.

Safety Precautions

Turn the engine off and let all moving parts come to a stop before performing any repair. Wear gloves when working around the engine to prevent burns from hot engine parts, particularly the muffler. Never reach into the chute or hopper: if something inside needs to be moved, use a stick, broom handle or other long object.

Do not modify the engine: the factory settings are designed to provide the right amount of power to chip and shred lawn waste when the throttle is set to full and choke is open. Disabling the governor can cause the engine to over-rev, damaging the motor and chipper shredder internals. This could potentially cause serious injury from broken parts and flying debris.

Using starting fluid on the CS2210’s engine can cause serious burns. If the engine is still running poorly after trying the tips outlined below, have it looked at by a dealer.

Running the engine indoors may result in lethal levels of carbon monoxide from the exhaust. Likewise, fumes released when emptying the fuel tank in an enclosed area can ignite.

Engine Will Not Start

– Check the throttle: it should be in the “Fast” or “Start” position.
– Make sure the spark plug wire is connected to the spark plug.
– Move the choke lever to the “Choke” position.
– If the chipper shredder has been in storage, the fuel may be stale. Add fresh gas to the tank.
– Some engines may need to be primed with fuel before they will start. Check the engine manual for instructions.
– The spark plug may be at fault. Remove it from the engine, clean off any deposits and set the electrode gap to .030 inches. If there is damage to the insulator or electrode, the spark plug will need to be replaced.
– The engine may be flooded. Wait a few minutes to let the excess fuel drain off, then try starting the engine. Do not re-prime the engine, as this will add more fuel to the combustion chamber.

Engine Runs Erratically

– Check the throttle lever: the engine should always be run at full throttle.
– Check to see if the spark plug boot is firmly attached to the plug. A loose connection can cause misfiring.
– Check the choke lever. Once the engine has warmed up, it should be set to “Open” to let air flow freely through the carburetor.
– There may be a problem with the fuel. Check the fuel line for blockages and drain the tank if any water or dirt has gotten into the fuel. The fuel could also be stale: replace it with fresh gasoline.
– A dirty air filter will restrict air flow to the engine, causing it to bog down. Refer to the engine manual on how to clean or replace the filter.
– If the previous steps didn’t work, the carburetor may be out of adjustment. Have the engine serviced at an authorized dealer.

The Engine Overheats

– Check the engine oil. Add additional oil if the level is low.
– The air filter is dirty. Refer to the engine manual on how to clean or replace the filter.
– The carburetor is out of adjustment. Have it serviced by a dealer.

Occasional Hesitation at High Speed

– The spark plug gap is incorrect: it should be set to .030 inches.
– The idle mixture isn’t set correctly: have the carburetor serviced at an authorized dealer.

Excessive Vibration

This is caused by loose parts or internal damage inside the chipper. See a dealer to have this repaired.

Chipper Shredder isn’t Discharging

Check the throttle and choke: the engine should be run at full throttle with an open choke to ensure there is enough power available to chop up and push debris out of the chute.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, stop the engine, disconnect the spark plug to prevent accidental starts and inspect the chipper shredder. Remove clogs from the discharge area and check for objects lodged in the impeller.

Discharge is Slowing Down and/or the Discharged Material is Changing Composition

Check to make sure the throttle is set to “Fast.” If the engine is running at full speed and there are still issues, the chipper blade is dull and needs to be replaced.

Where to buy Cub Cadet Chipper Shredder Parts

Anything you need for your Cub Cadet is available just a few clicks away: just visit for your parts needs, whether you have a classic Cub Cadet tractor or a modern lawn care product like the CS 2210. An advanced parts search engine and online parts diagrams make it easy to locate and order the part you need.

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