TANK SZ Series Overview

Cub Cadet SZ 48The Cub Cadet TANK SZ Series is Cub Cadet’s intermediate line of commercial riding mowers, designed for high levels of durability and performance without sacrificing ergonomics. The TANK SZ Series includes two riding mowers: the TANK SZ 48 and the TANK SZ 60. The TANK SZ 48 and TANK SZ 60 are similar to one another except for the deck widths and engines.


The TANK SZ Series offers a variety of features not found on other riding mowers, many of which improve its maneuverability. Unlike the standard TANK Series and the TANK LZ Series, the TANK SZ Series utilizes a conventional steering wheel attached to a quick-adjust column for intuitive operation. Four-wheel power steering is standard on TANK SZ Series mowers, a feature that is exclusive to the TANK SZ Series in its class. This allows users to negotiate any tight turn and clear objects without strenuous effort and maintain stability at speed regardless of the terrain or its angle.

The TANK SZ Series mowers are built off a heavy-duty rail frame measuring 3/8 of an inch by five inches, which is twice as strong as those on competitive models. Powerful engines and heavy-duty transmissions ensure that the rest of the machine is capable of meeting the high standard of durability set by the frame. The TANK SZ Series also uses Cub Cadet’s Signature Cut system, consisting of a deck design that uses a sloping nose to direct rebounding grasses into the blades, ensuring a cleaner and uniform cut.

Standard ergonomic features include cup holders, storage box, hour meter, and trailer hitch. Both models also come standard with an Elasticity Vibration Control comfort control seat for added comfort on long days. The TANK SZ 60 has a standard adjustable suspension system, which is optional on the SZ 48.

There are a variety of optional attachments available for the TANK SZ Series, including an electronic power lift and a 12-volt outlet. Cub Cadet offers a light kit that mounts to the standard rollover protection system, allowing operators to work early in the morning or late at night safely. A triple bagger system, high traction tires, and 72-inch blade are all available as well.


Different air-cooled motors power the two models in the TANK SZ Series. The TANK SZ 48 is powered by a 674cc Kohler Command V-Twin OHV producing 23 horsepower while the TANK SZ 60 is powered by a 852cc Kawasaki FX producing 27 horsepower. Both engines use heavy-duty air canisters for improved airflow and twin 7.5-gallon fuel tanks for a total capacity of 15 gallons per mower. A standard fuel gauge is mounted on the tanks.

Decks on both models consist of 10-gauge steel with seven and 10-gauge reinforcements. Both use a belt drive system powering three high-lift blades. The TANK SZ 48 uses a 48-inch deck while the TANK SZ 60 uses a 60-inch deck. The deck’s height is adjustable in 0.25-inch increments with a minimum of one inches and a maximum of five inches.

Both mowers can reach 11 miles per hour while traveling forward and five miles per hour in reverse due to the PARKER Torqpact 14cc pumps and 280cc wheel motors. A pivoting cast-iron front axle ensures that the machine is capable of handling impacts at speed. Both mowers use 15×6.5-8-inch tires in the front; the TANK SZ 48 uses 24×9.5-12-inch tires in the rear while the TANK SZ 60 uses 24×12-12-inch tires.

The TANK SZ Series mowers are large riding mowers. The TANK SZ 48 is 86.5 inches long, 49.5 inches wide, and 73.5 inches tall and weighs 1,240 pounds. The TANK SZ 60 is 86.5 inches long, 61.5 inches wide, and 74 inches tall and weighs 1,320 pounds. The TANK SZ 60 also has a slightly larger rear track than the TANK SZ 48.

Where to Find Parts

For owners who wish to service their own equipment, CubParts.com carries a full line of original equipment (OEM) and parts diagrams to help users navigate their machines and identify specific components.

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