The Tank – Cub Cadet’s TANK LZ Series Overview

Cub Cadet LZThe TANK LZ Series is a more economically priced line of commercial riding mowers from Cub Cadet. The line is diverse, encompassing four models with an array of engine options and features. The model range includes the TANK LZ 48, TANK LZ 54, TANK LZ 60 KH, and TANK LZ 60 KW.Cub Cadet LZ


The TANK LZ Series shares high levels of durability with its larger brother, the TANK SZ Series. The TANK LZ Series uses a heavy-duty laser-cut rail frame with tie-down slots for easy storage and transportation. A pivoting steel front axle and strong transmission are also used to enhance durability. Unlike its larger brother, the TANK SZ Series, the TANK LZ Series models use an ergonomic lap bar in lieu of an adjustable steering wheel.

Ergonomic features also abound. The lap bar system is adjustable for user comfort and preference. The TANK LZ Series also uses Cub Cadet’s Elasticity Vibration Control seats with armrests. An optional seat suspension kit is also available as an option. Other standard ergonomic features include standard storage space, cup holders, hour meter, rollover protection system, and trailer hitch. An electronic power take-off clutch also eases operation.

The TANK LZ Series uses the same Signature Cut deck system as the TANK SZ Series; this system uses a sloping design to redirect rebounding grass into the blades for a cleaner and finer cut. The decks use standard anti-scalp wheels to avoid damage to the terrain and minimize the maintenance required for the deck.

Owners may choose from an array of optional attachments for their mower to tailor the machine to their preferences. Owners may purchase a mulch kit for added lawn care or a triple bagger system for easy cleanup. For users who must work in inclement weather, a 72-inch blade is available for snow and some light dozing duties. High-traction tires and Cub Cadet’s light kit are also available.


The TANK LZ Series’ four models each use a different gas-powered air-cooled engine. The base TANK LZ 48 is equipped with a 724cc Briggs & Stratton Commercial Turf Series OHV V-Twin producing 24 horsepower. The TANK LZ 54 is equipped with a 725cc Kohler Command OHV V-Twin producing 25 horsepower. The TANK LZ 60 KH also uses a 725cc Kohler Command OHV V-Twin, but the TANK LZ 60 KH’s motor produces 27 horsepower. The TANK LZ 60 KW uses an 852cc Kawasaki FX OHV V-Twin that also produces 27 horsepower.

The TANK LZ 48 uses a heavy-duty cyclonic air filter while the other three models use a heavy-duty canister air filter. The TANK LZ 48 also uses a slightly less powerful alternator than the other TANK LZ Series mowers. All TANK LZ Series mowers use dual 7.5-gallon fuel tanks with a standard fuel gauge for maximum run time, allowing users to focus on high levels of productivity without stopping to refuel frequently.

The deck sizes also vary between the models. As the names suggest, the TANK LZ 48 has a 48-inch deck, the TANK LZ 54 has a 54-inch deck, and both TANK LZ 60 models have 60-inch decks. Apart from the size, all decks are identical. All TANK LZ-Series mowers use 10-gauge steel with seven and 10-gauge reinforcements. These decks house a triple blade system with standard high lift blades connected to a cast aluminum spindle and are driven off a belt. Like other Cub Cadet commercial riding mowers, the decks are adjustable in quarter-inch increments from a low of one inch to a maximum height of five inches.

The TANK LZ Series mowers vary only slightly in size and weight. All TANK LZ Series mowers are 86.5 inches long and around 74 inches tall. All also weigh between 1,110 and 1,200 pounds. However, the widths vary; the TANK LZ 48 is 49.5 inches wide, the TANK LZ 54 is 55.5 inches wide, and the TANK LZ 60 models are 61.5 inches wide. The TANK LZ 48 has a 50-inch wide rear track while the other models in the series have 52-inch wide rear tracks. The front track and wheelbase for all TANK LZ Series mowers are 43 and 54 inches, respectively.

Where to Buy Replacement Parts

When servicing a TANK LZ Series, owners should always use original equipment manufactured (OEM) to the highest quality levels. Owners should also ensure that they have the correct part; every moment that a productive asset is down costs the enterprise money and ordering the wrong part will simply add to the cost. Fortunately, stocks a full line of original equipment for Cub Cadet’s various mowers and engines. The site also includes a versatile online parts lookup tool, and series of diagrams, allowing users to identify potential problem areas and aid in servicing.

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