Troubleshooting Tips for a Cub Cadet CSV 050

Cub Cadet VacuumHaving problems with your Cub Cadet CSV 050? This guide will help you find fixes for common issues and let you know what you can do yourself and what you’ll need to have done at your dealer.

When working on your chipper/shredder vacuum, refer to the engine manual included with your unit. This guide covers some engine issues, but constant running changes and improvements mean that there isn’t always a single solution that covers all examples of this model.

Safety Disclaimer

For any troubleshooting outside of throttle and choke adjustments, the engine should be shut down, the spark plug disconnected and all moving parts allowed to come to a complete stop before repairs begin.

The impeller blades are extremely sharp. Always wear gloves when handling them.

If the fuel tank needs to be drained, do this outdoors to avoid build up of fumes. Always dispose of fuel in an approved gasoline container.

Never run this device in an enclosed space. Like all internal combustion engines, the motor on the CSV 050 produces carbon monoxide which can be lethal in high enough concentrations.

Engine Won’t Start

Throttle lever and/or engine switch (if equipped) is in the wrong position: Move the throttle to “FAST” or “START” and the switch to “ON.”
Spark plug wire disconnected: Reconnect the wire.
Choke not engaged: Move the choke lever to the “CHOKE” position.
Fuel shut off (if equipped:) Make sure the valve is in the “ON” position.
Fuel tank: Make sure there is fuel in the tank. If the fuel is more than 90 days old, replace it with fresh gas.
Faulty spark plug: Clean the plug and adjust the gap to 0.030 inches (0.76 mm.) Replace the spark plug is worn or the insulator is damaged.
Bag/chute button: Check to make sure the bag is attached correctly and that the bag/chute switch is fully in position.

Engine Runs Poorly

Spark plug boot loose: Connect the spark plug boot to the plug.
Choke (if equipped) is on: Move the lever to “OFF.”
Fuel: If the fuel is stale or has been contaminated with dirt or water, replace it with fresh gas. Clean any blockages in the fuel line.
Low engine speed: If the engine is equipped with a throttle, make sure it’s set to “FAST.”
Air cleaner: Clean out any dirt in the filter. Replace it if it has been damaged.
Carburetor out of adjustment: Have the unit looked at by an authorized dealer.

Engine Overheats

Low oil level: Check the oil level and add more as needed.
Air cleaner: Clean and replace as needed.

Skips and Hesitation at High Speed

Spark plug gap: Adjust the spark plug gap to 0.030 inches (0.76 mm.)
Carburetor idle adjustment set incorrectly: Have the unit adjusted by an authorized dealer.

Loose parts or impeller damage: Have the unit inspected by an authorized dealer.

Nothing is Coming Out of the Discharge Chute
Low engine speed: Set the throttle to “FAST.”
If there is still nothing coming out of the chute, stop the engine immediately. This symptom may be the result of an object lodged inside the unit: letting the engine run may cause further damage.

Bag is full: Empty the bag.
Discharge area clogged: Remove the bag and clean out the discharge opening.
Object lodged in impeller: Remove the impeller cover and clean out any debris lodged in the impeller.

Rate of Discharge or Composition of Discharge Changes
Low engine speed: Set the throttle to “FAST.”
Dull chipper blade: Sharpen or replace the blade.

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