Troubleshooting Tips for Cub Cadet Snow Throwers

31ah57sz710_product_listing_flashA winter storm has blown in, and your driveway is covered in snow. You pull out your Cub Cadet snow thrower to clear the way, but it just won’t work. Now what? This guide will take you through the most common problems and their solutions so you can get the snow out of your way.

Stay Safe

It may be tempting to work on your snow thrower inside where it’s warm, but you should always start the engine outside, at least three feet away from buildings to prevent the buildup of deadly carbon monoxide.

Before doing anything near the augers and impellers, shut off the engine and let everything come to a complete stop. The same power that makes these throwers so effective at moving snow can do some major damage to your body.

Engine Won’t Start

Check the power cord: On electric start models, make sure the starter is plugged into an outlet, and that outlet is supplying power.

Check the fuel: If the tank is empty, add some fuel. Some older engines have a fuel valve that will need to be opened before fuel will reach the carburetor. If the fuel is over 30 days old, or if it has been treated with a stabilizer and is over 90 days old, it’s stale. Drain the tank and add some fresh fuel.

Check the key: Some models have an ignition key which needs to be fully inserted and turned to “start” before the motor will run.

Set the choke: Depending on the engine model, the choke will either engage automatically, engage when the throttle is pushed all the way forward, or engage when a separate choke lever is closed.

Check the spark plug: Remove the plug, then plug it back into the spark plug cap. Hold the electrode end against the engine and pull the starter handle or press the “Start” button. If there isn’t a visible spark between the electrodes, the plug should be replaced.

Engine is Running Erratically

Check the fuel: If the engine has a fuel valve, make sure it’s open all the way. If the tank contains straight gasoline that is over 30 days old or stabilizer-treated fuel that is over 90 days old, drain it out and add fresh fuel. Stale fuel is harder to ignite, which can cause running problems.

Check the choke: Once the engine is warm, the choke should be open. Some models have an automatic choke, but on other engines, either the throttle lever needs to be moved out of the “choke” position or a separate choke lever need to be repositioned.

Engine is Overheating

Check the oil level: The engine depends on oil to lubricate components and move heat away from critical components.

Clean the engine: The engines on Cub Cadet’s snow throwers are covered, but it’s still possible for dirt and snow to work their way onto the cooling fins, blocking the airflow needed to control engine temperatures. Never use a pressure washer to clean the engine, as this can force water into the crank case and intake.

Have the carburetor adjusted: If the carburetor adjustment is too lean, it can cause combustion chamber temperatures to rise rapidly. Take your snow thrower to a service center to have it inspected and adjusted.

The Snow Thrower is Vibrating Excessively

Check for loose or damaged parts: A missing shear pin, loose bolts or a bent auger blade can all cause the machine to go out of balance.

The Snow Thrower isn’t Discharging Snow

Check for blockages: Remove any snow that has packed in around the augers and impeller and look for rocks, twigs and other debris that may be stuck inside the housing or chute.

Check the shear pins: If something gets jammed in the augers or impeller, the shear pins are designed to break off, protecting major components from damage.

Check the belt: A stretched or broken belt will keep engine power from reaching the augers. Remove the belt cover and inspect the belt for damage.

Where to Buy Parts for Your Cub Cadet Snow Thrower

Whether you have a 1X, 2X or 3X, you can get parts for your Cub Cadet from We’re a certified Cub Cadet dealer carrying OEM parts ranging from shear pins to augers. Our site has factory diagrams built into the search engine, so it’s easy to find exactly what you need, and we can ship your order to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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