Which CORE String Trimmer is Right for You?

41AERE6C912_product_detail_largeIn the past, when you bought a string trimmer, you had to choose between the convenience and low maintenance of an electric motor or the power and long run times of a gasoline engine. Thanks to technological advancements, Cub Cadet’s CORE motor and battery system can deliver power and convenience in a single package. If you’re thinking of buying one, you might be wondering: Is it really a good replacement for a gas trimmer? What will it take to keep them running? Should I get the CCT400 or the CCE400?

Let’s find out!

What is CORE, and What Does It Mean for String Trimmers?

CORE is Cub Cadet’s new electric power unit. It’s built around a motor that replaces the wound metal wire stators of a regular brushless motor with a plated circuit board. Paired with an advanced controller, it can deliver an amazing amount of power in a light package while also carefully managing output for maximum battery life. While voltage is normally the best way to compare electric lawn care equipment, this new design is a lot more efficient, which means more power from less voltage.

How much power does the CORE motor produce in their trimmers? Cub Cadet says the 20-volt unit used in the CCT400 has the same power as their 25cc two-stroke engine. Keep the unit switched to Eco mode, and it can run up to 45 minutes per charge, and recharging the battery takes just an hour.

The CCE400 uses a 40-volt motor, which puts its output within the realm of commercial 2 stroke string trimmers. It also comes with a bigger battery and a charger that cuts recharging time down to 45 minutes.

What’s the Difference Between the CCT400 and the CCE400?

Aside from the different motors and batteries, everything is the same. They have the same straight boom, same handles, same 16-inch cutting swath and use the same 0.095 twist line. They even weigh the same 8 lbs. without their batteries installed, although the CCE400 is slightly heavier with its bigger power cell in place.

For most residential users, the CCT400 is a great choice. It can go toe-to-toe with any residential gas trimmer, yet it eliminates the awkward starting, gas/fuel mixing and almost all of the maintenance.

However, if you live in the country or are next to a wooded area and have tough brush to contend with, it’s worth spending the extra money on a CCE400. The stronger motor makes quick work out of difficult edging, and with an extra battery, you’ll hardly need to wait for charging when tackling big jobs.

How Long do these Trimmers Last? How Much Maintenance do they Require?

Cub Cadet covers both trimmers for 5 years, while the motor itself has a limited lifetime warranty.

Properly stored, the lithium-ion battery inside the power cell will lose about 2% of its capacity every month. That means you’ll probably need to replace the power cell once or twice during the trimmer’s life. Capacity loss accelerates if the battery is stored in places that experience high temperatures, like in a truck tool box or outside in a metal shed, but charging has little effect on the battery life. In fact, Cub Cadet recommends putting the power unit on the charger whenever the trimmer is not in use.

As for the rest of the trimmer, the grease is designed to last the lifetime of the unit, and like any other battery-powered device, there’s no air filter, spark plug or carburetor that will need attention. Outside of the battery, the only part that is likely to need changingĀ is the bump head, which may need to be replaced after years of abrasion from rubbing against cement and other obstacles.

Where Can I Get Parts and Accessories for CORE String Trimmers?

Whether you decide on the CCT400 or the CCE400, you can get anything you need to keep it running from Cub Parts. We’re a certified Cub Cadet dealer with a wide range of parts in stock ready to ship anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. We even have factory parts diagrams built into our online catalog, so you can be sure the part you’re ordering is the one you need.

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