XT1 Enduro Garden Tractors

XT1 Enduro Garden TractorsWhich XT1 Enduro models are garden tractors? All of them. Thanks to powerful engines and a heavy-duty frame shared across the line, every model from the LT42” to the GT54” D can handle trailers and attachments. To get the most out of these features, Cub Cadet makes a variety of accessories for the XT1 including tools for landscaping, lawn care and even snow clearing so you can use your mower all year round.

Blurring the Line Between Lawn and Garden Tractors

Garden tractors are suited to trailer and attachment use because they use strong frames designed to handle extra weight and withstand forces put on the front and rear end. When Cub Cadet updated their residential lawn and garden tractors, they created a single frame that works with every engine and deck combination in the XT1 and XT2 lines. That means there’s no strict “lawn” or “garden” category for these tractors, and if you choose a smaller engine, you won’t be stuck with a weaker frame.


Even the smallest model in the lineup, the LT42”, is suitable for use with attachments thanks to a new 18 hp Kohler 5000 engine. Cub Cadet also offers Kohler 7000 Series engines with up to 25 hp as well as their own in-house designed powerplant. The 547 CC Cub Cadet engine is a great choice for winter use because it comes with electronic fuel injection, making it easier to start in cold weather.


Power is sent to the Tuff Torq K46 transmission. It’s the most popular integrated hydrostatic transaxle on the market, refined over years of production. This unit is maintenance free and has a built-in wet disc brake.

The GT54” D adds a differential lock, keeping both wheels spinning at the same speed for more traction. This is handy if you plan on using your XT1 with earth and snow-moving attachments.

XT1 vs XT2

If the XT2 has the same frame, what’s the difference between it and the XT1? The XT2 has ball bearing-mounted front wheels, a larger battery (300 vs 230 cold crank amps), a higher output alternator and some minor comfort improvements. Cub Cadet only sells the XT2 through their main dealer network, while the XT1 is also available through hardware and farm supply stores. All XT1 models are the same no matter where they came from. While the XT2’s features are nice to have, you shouldn’t miss them if you only have to take care of a lawn that’s between ½ and 4 acres in size.

What Can You Do with an XT1?

Strength and power are only good if you can use them. Fortunately, Cub Cadet makes a range of accessories to handle common landscaping jobs.

The disc cultivator can be used straight or at a 10 or 20-degree angle for a working width between 30 and 38 inches. It cuts through the ground with 8 11 inch powder-coated discs, readying it for gardening. Once the ground has been broken, the XT1 can pull a 42-inch wide box scraper leveling and backfilling, and the 46-inch all-season plow can smooth out surfaces. A long handle lets the operator control the plow angle from the tractor seat.

In the fall, the lawn sweeper can be used to picks up leaves, pine cones, and other lawn debris for fast cleanup. When winter comes, the 46-inch dozer blade can pull double duty, moving snow and materials. For serious snow removal, Cub Cadet offers a snowthrower that uses their three-stage auger system. It uses a center auger to chop up snow so it can be thrown further, and it has controls that can be operated from the tractor seat.

Cub Cadet offers several trailers. There’s an 8 cubic foot poly cart and a 12 cubic foot steel cart for moving tools and materials, as well as a 12.5 cubic foot dump cart which is perfect for dropping off soil and ground cover. The Hauler is a 10 cubic foot poly dump trailer that can be tilted by pushing down on a foot lever mounted at the tongue. The panels on this trailer also fold inward, creating a flat bed for carrying large materials.

The Fastattach 100 cubic inch electric rear spreader is designed to mount and unmount without requiring tools. This includes a quick connect for the battery to operate the spinner. If you want to haul more material at a time, there’s also a broadcast spreader trailer that holds up to 175 lbs.

Getting Parts and Accessories for Your Garden Tractor

You can find anything you need for the XT1 at www.cubparts.com. We’re a certified dealer for Cub Cadet and Kohler, letting us provide accessories as well as parts for tractors, engines, and add-ons. Not sure if something is compatible? Our site can search for parts by model, and we have factory parts diagrams and descriptions built into our search results. This lets you see where the part fits on your equipment so you can be sure it’s what you need. We ship across the U.S. and Canada.

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