XT1 Enduro Lawn Tractors

XT1 Enduro Lawn Tractors

Advancements in mowing technology have started to blur the line between residential and commercial mowers. Nowhere is that more evident than Cub Cadet’s XT1 Enduro lawn tractors. Steering improvements and high quality construction make it a great choice for homeowners. Options including fuel injected engines, constructed decks and Bluetooth integration make the XT1 one of the best mowers on the market.


Some updates to this model are immediately obvious. All models come with a hydrostatic transmission, providing infinite speed adjustment. This also eliminates throttle adjustment, so the blades are always at maximum speed. The redesigned steering system uses a wide front axle, giving the wheels space for extremely sharp angles.

Less obvious, but just as important is a new electrocoating process that fuses powdered paint to the frame. This results in an even coat that’s almost as hard wearing as electroplating.


Cub Cadet offers a choice of three engines in this line:

The 5400 is a new single-cylinder engine from Kohler that brings the design up to par with their larger engines. Noise and vibration have been significantly reduced and serviceability has improved. The oil filter is top-mounted, making replacement mess-free, while the air box opens without tools. This engine comes with an automatic choke and Consistent-Cut governor, features previously found only on Kohler’s V-twins.

The Kohler 7000 is a V-twin based on their renowned Command Pro commercial engines. Most of the Pro’s features carry over including a fully pressurized lubrication system.

Rounding out the lineup is Cub Cadet ‘s own EFI V-twin. It delivers higher fuel efficiency, easier starting and lower fuel sensitivity than carbureted engines. Fuel doesn’t need to be treated before use during the mowing season, and the remaining fuel can be treated instead of drained when it’s time to store the mower for the winter. It can even run on E15, which is often cheaper than regular gasoline.


The XT1 is available with 42, 46, 50 and 54-inch stamped decks as well as 46, 50 and 54-inch fabricated decks. Stamped decks have rounded mowing chambers that stay close to the blades, providing maximum vacuum. This keeps grass straight as it’s cut for the best possible finish. Fabricated decks are made by welding steel plates together, making them durable and resistant to impacts. Cub Cadet builds baffles into these decks to improve vacuum. While they won’t perform as well as their stamped counterparts, they still deliver a quality cut.

Cub Connect

Having an hour meter is handy for keeping up with maintenance, and it’s even easier if it’s integrated into an app. Some XT1 models come with Cub Connect, which lets owners connect their lawn tractor to their smartphone via Bluetooth. From there, Cub Cadet’s app can keep track of maintenance and display repair instructions.


Cub Cadet guarantees XT1 mowers and their EFI engine for three years. Kohler also guarantees their engines for three years.


There are 9 versions of the XT1, each with a different set of features.

LT 42” : Kohler 5400
LT 42” EFI : Cub Cadet EFI
LT 46” : 22 hp Kohler 7000
LT 46” EFI FAB: Cub Cadet EFI, fabricated deck
LT 50” : 24 hp Kohler 7000
ST 54” : 24 hp Kohler 7000, fabricated deck, Cub Connect
GT 50” : 25 hp Kohler 7000, Cub Connect
GT 54” : 25 hp Kohler 7000, fabricated deck, Cub Connect
GT 54” D : 25 hp Kohler 7000, fabricated deck, Cub Connect, works with ground-engaging attachments


As expected, there are kits available for mulching and bagging, as well as trailer and overseeders that attach to the trailer hitch.

These mowers can be used to clear snow by adding a plow, suitcase weights, and tire chains. For major winter cleanup, there’s a snow thrower attachment that uses Cub Cadet’s three-stage system. The extra stage breaks up snow picked up by the main augers, increasing throwing distance.

If you buy a model without Cub Connect, it can be added by installing a Bluetooth-enabled hour meter.

Getting Parts and Accessories for Your Cub Cadet

Whether you’re getting an XT1 Enduro or you need to work on your current lawn tractor, you can get everything you need from www.cubparts.com. We’re a certified dealer for Cub Cadet and Kohler, and our site has built-in factory parts diagrams so you can find exactly what you need. We ship to the United States and Canada.

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