XT2 LX46 KH – Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor

Cub Cadet X2 LX 46The Cub Cadet XT2 Enduro series of riding mowers was designed for homeowners who aren’t about to settle for a subpar landscaping experience. The entire lineup features large cutting decks, precise blade designs, durable materials, and a commitment to excellent engine power and performance throughout virtually common mowing task. Available accessories further enhance the utility of these mowers. For homeowners with an average-sized outdoor area to maintain, the LX46 KH model is a strong option. The mower is compact in overall size, but has a large enough cutting deck to make quick work of most average lawns. The included engine allows for quick travel and efficient, extended use, while operator-centric features allow for comfort no matter how long the job takes.

Mower Features: A Look at the XT2 Enduro Series

The key to the XT2 Enduro mowers is their excellent features, which range from operator comfort to operational convenience and cutting precision. First and foremost, operators will love the operator seat and platform, which is designed specifically to keep engine vibrations away from the body. This allows for extended mowing without feeling the effects of fatigue that are often transmitted directly to the seat by competing models. The mower also features a highly intuitive control panel that comes with a cruise control lever, making it easy to “set it and forget it” when setting the mower’s forward speed.

Under the hood, the mower comes with an OHV Kawasaki FR series engine, paired with a Tuff Torq transmission for smooth shifting and fast forward speeds. The mower comes with a new, fully optimized steering system that Cub Cadet touts as being able to turn more tightly and precisely around obstacles of all sizes. This feature will likely help homeowners get even closer to trees, flowerbeds, or other landscaping features, minimizing the additional trimming they’ll have to do afterward.

For durability and convenience day and night, the mower packs in a few final features. The first of these is its robotically welded steel frame, which adds durability when the equipment encounters uneven ground or larger debris. The cutting deck features durable steel materials as well, and the front of the mower comes with bright LED headlights that make for easy mowing during the cooler evening hours.

The Specs: Power and Performance for Hardworking Homeowners

The XT2 Enduro series of mowers is particularly known for the specs found under its bright yellow hood, and the LX46 KH model is true to this expectation. To get it all started, the mower’s OHV engine, a Kawasaki FR series small engine, produces up to 21.5 horsepower during typical use. The mower’s engine works alongside its smooth, hydrostatic transmission to allow smooth and fast mowing. In fact, the equipment can travel forward at up to 5.5 miles per hour. In reverse, the mower can travel as fast as 3.1 miles per hour. Cruise control allows operators to lock these speeds in for the long-term in open areas.

To permit extended use of the mower in slightly larger areas, Cub Cadet has paired the engine with a 3-gallon fuel tank. The fuel tank requires low-octane, unleaded fuel with gasoline containing no more than 10 percent ethanol. With the right fuel, the engine can last several hours without requiring refueling. As implied by its model number, the LX46 KH comes with a 56-inch cutting deck housed within robotically welded steel. The system uses dual blades to cut grass precisely, standing it tall after the mower passes over. The result is a lawn with consistent color and excellent health.

Like all residential mowers sold by Cub Cadet, the LX46 KH keeps sight of its compact form factor even as it impresses with robust specifications and features. The equipment weighs in at 440 pounds, which is impressively light for a mower with a 46-inch cutting deck. The mower is 68 inches long, 54 inches wide, and just under 43 inches tall. These dimensions make it a prime candidate for garage or toolshed storage, but they also make the mower highly portable in a trailer if it’s used in multiple locations.

Boost Mower Performance with Available Accessories

Enduro series buyers can extend their Cub Cadet mower with a few great accessories. The first of these is a mulching kit that transforms the Enduro away from its default bagging configuration. The mulching kit works perfectly with the 46-inch deck and produces a fine, nutrient-rich mulch that will disappear below the surface of the mowed lawn. An optional twin bagging system, at the opposite end of the spectrum, is designed to enhance bagging by adding a significant amount of capacity for larger lawns.

CubParts.com is a Great Source for Mowers, Accessories, and Parts

Whether it’s a new XT2 Enduro mower, a mulching kit, or the replacement parts that will keep the mower running for many years to come, CubParts.com has it. The site features the full Enduro lineup as well as an easy-to-use parts sorting system for OEM replacements. Along with accessories, the options at CubParts.com make it easy to get effective landscaping work finished all summer long.

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