Cub Cadet XT2 LX42 KH Lawn Tractor

Cub Cadet X2 LX42 KHCub Cadet has a knack for making all of its mowers impressive, even when they’re designed as compact, entry-level models for homeowners with smaller outdoor areas to maintain. That’s the case with the company’s XT Enduro LX42 KH mower. The equipment is the smallest mower in the XT2 Enduro lineup, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. In fact, the 42-inch model still comes with the same impressive features and raw power that makes the entire lineup a hit among buyers of the larger model. Before dismissing this smaller model in favor of an upgraded Enduro mower, make sure to review all of its impressive features and added value.

Big Features: An Impressive Riding Mower at Any Size

One of the best features this model has to offer is its cutting deck size. The smaller cutting deck allows the mower to be extremely nimble when handling smaller lawns, and an upgraded steering system allows for even greater position when navigating obstacles like trees, bushes, or flowerbeds. Beyond the cutting deck, however, the broader XT2 Enduro series comes with a wealth of excellent features that will help homeowners produce professional-looking results on their own time, and at their own speed.

The features begin with the durable construction of this riding mower series. The more compact models in the lineup come encased in robotically welded steel, with precision and strength that is designed to increase operator safety while keeping the equipment safe from material harm while it processes debris or passes over a particularly rough spot in the terrain. These durable materials have even made their way to the operator control area, where they contribute to a stable, comfortable seat. The seat’s materials add extra comfort to the mix, absorbing vibrations rather than transmitting them to the operator. A central control panel faces the operator and allows for modification of the engine speed, the mower’s direction, and its built-in cruise control feature.

Mowing precision is enhanced by a dual-blade cutting system beneath the 42-inch cutting deck, while the lawn’s overall aesthetics benefit from an enhanced bagging system. The combination of these two features helps create a lawn with a more consistent height, a more consistent color, and consistent maintenance of clippings. If any deck maintenance is required, the QuickAttach system makes it easy to remove and reassemble the equipment as needed.

Excellent Capacity: A Look at the LX42 KH’s Technical Specifications

The mower’s professional results are largely driven by the OHV V-twin Kohler engine found underneath the hood. The engine produces up to 22 horsepower, putting it on par with the engine found in Cub Cadet’s slightly larger, 46-inch model. That should give any new equipment owner peace of mind that this mower will be able to handle virtually all of their needs. The Tuff Torq hydrostatic transmission, along with an enhanced steering system, allows the mower to travel forward at up to 5.5 miles per hour. In reverse, the mower can hit speeds of up to 3.1 miles per hour. This allows for quick completion of most tasks.

The mower is designed for easy home storage, though it can also be easily transported between many locations using a landscaping trailer. The 450-pound weight makes the mower particularly easy to transport or maintain throughout the year, while its actual dimensions allow it to fit within a very small footprint in most garages or sheds. The mower has a 68-inch length, a width of 50 inches, and an overall height of 42.5 inches. The cutting deck itself houses two, 42-inch blades that can be individually sharpened or replaced as needed.

Do More with Attachments and Accessories

Cub Cadet’s XT2 Enduro riding mower series can be paired with several excellent attachments that either change or enhance how it handles the task at hand. To make storing clippings even easier, the mower can be paired with Cub Cadet’s twin-bag system. This allows the mower to double its clippings storage capacity, reducing the chance that an operator would have to interrupt mowing to dispense with clippings. On the other hand, the mower can also be paired with a 42-inch enhanced mulching kit that will produce a very fine, nutrient-rich mulch. The mulch produced is fine enough to settle below the turf. Has New Mowers, OEM Parts, and Compatible Accessories

The Cub Cadet XT2 Enduro series is an excellent addition to any homeowner’s landscaping equipment lineup, and the LX42 KH model itself is a great, entry-level model for those buyers with smaller lawns to maintain. To find the full Enduro series lineup, as well as all available accessories and a great selection of OEM replacement parts, visit The site features an excellent parts sorting tool that can filter available replacement by part number, mower model number, and engine manufacturer, making maintenance easy even for novice buyers.

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