Buying Guide for Cub Cadet X-Series Snowthrowers

CubCadet X-Series Snow Throwers

It’s critical to gear up for a snowy winter and now’s the time to be shopping for a suitable snow thrower to keep your driveways and sidewalks clear and safe. Shoveling snow by hand is a back-breaking task that leads to many slips and falls (or worse) every year. Wet snow and ice make the process even more hazardous. That’s why Cub Cadet has released their X-series snow blowers to provide you with a wide range of snow throwing abilities perfectly suited to the weather and terrain you are faced with.

The 1X

Cub Cadet has designed the 1X snow thrower as an easy to use introductory model that is perfect for clearing snow up to six inches deep. Their focus on user comfort is perfectly displayed in the control panel and operator station. It comes with a simple push button starter and chute controls so you can redirect snow without having to manually change the orientation of your machine. The auger itself is made of reinforced steel coated with heavy durable rubber and provides self-propelled power so that you are truly able to walk behind your snow thrower rather than pushing it forward with force. The 1X is the smallest of Cub Cadet’s line with an intake area measuring right at 21″ across and single stage power.

The 2X

The 2X line is the next step up in snow throwing power. These dual stage powered machines include all of the convenience and efficiency of the 1X model combined with a larger intake area and even more control. The control panel of the 2X features a lever that allows you to redirect snow in four set directions with one simple movement. In addition, you can take advantage of power steering that will give you unprecedented control as you cross difficult terrain and fight your way through even the heaviest of snow. The 2X represents all of Cub Cadet’s two stage snow throwers powered by the OHV 4-cycle engine.

The 3X

The 3X is a top of the line snow thrower that is built for serious blizzard conditions. This unique three stage system first gathers snow and ice, then breaks it down, and lastly sends it to the chute with force. The 3X clears up to 18″ of snow 50% faster than the 2X with more power and a variety of widths ranging from 24″ to 30″ to plow through any size area efficiently. Plus the 3X still has all user-friendly features of the 1X and 2X such as push button starting, power steering, and self-propelled driving mechanisms. Other available features include an LED headlight to help you see where you’re going in the fog and dark. Cub Cadet also offers a track option to replace traditional wheels which adds stability and ease of steering when you are combating really rough ground.

Cub Cadet has built their snow throwers to last a lifetime. With proper maintenance and care, you can expect them to keep your sidewalks and driveways clear for years to come and handle even the worst winter conditions with a breeze. provides a full selection of attachments, accessories and parts to help you improve your experience and keep the snow at bay. Our goal is to provide homeowners with an easy way to find parts for your equipment and with thousands of items in stock, most orders can be shipped shortly after ordering.

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