How to Get Your Yard Ready for Spring

How to

The birds are chirping and the sun is staying out longer than ever so spring must be on its way. When you look at your yard, a host of different tasks might come to mind. Lawns, bushes, and trees are slowly coming back to life after winter. It’s time to head outside and get your yard ready for the spring weather. You might wonder where you should start with this project so take a look at some of these tips to get your yard back in shape.

Use Your Hand Tools First

Grab your hand tools first as you walk across your yard. Use your trusty rake and remove all of the decaying debris off of your lawn. You might want to spread some compost across the grass afterward to encourage vigorous spring growth. Don’t forget to pull out your lawn aerator too. Long winters usually translate to compacted soil conditions. Pull out some soil cores, and you’ll see your lawn come to life in no time. Wipe off the soil from every tool before you store them back in the garage or shed. Dirty tools don’t last as long as clean ones.

Inspect Your Lawn Equipment

It’s time to pull out the power equipment, like your lawnmower and leaf blower. Make sure to inspect them beforehand for any wear on their parts. Lawnmower blades, for example, should either be sharpened or replaced. A leaf blower’s filter needs to be clear of any debris so that it can maintain its power. If you have a lot of yard tools, write down all of the parts that you need so that you can remain organized.

Order and Install New Parts

Don’t waste time by driving all over for parts. As a smart alternative, go online to You can pick out OEM replacement parts and fill your virtual shopping cart with the parts meant for your equipment. In many cases, you simply need your equipment’s model number. A few days later, your parts will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Finish the Job with Confidence

After you’ve carefully installed the parts you needed, you can begin your spring yard preparation. Take care of that overgrown lawn with those brand new mower blades. Clean up your fence line with that newly maintained spring trimmer. Finish it off by trimming those trees and bushes with your sharpened chainsaw. When you have the right parts and equipment for your yard, spring preparation is quick and easy.

Where to Find the Right Parts and Equipment for Your Spring Lawn

Taking care of your tools will help them last longer and operate throughout the year. If you’re looking for OEM replacement parts for your Cub Cadet lawn equipment, check out for an extensive inventory of items that will ship across the U.S. and Canada. Unsure of which part you need? Feel free to contact their experienced staff using the order assistance page.

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