Cub Cadet 1X 221 LHP Review

Cub Cadet LHPCub Cadet’s reputation as a leader in residential power equipment is enhanced by its dominant 1X 221 LHP snowblower, which is designed as an entry-level model for homeowner with smaller areas to clean or smaller winter storms to clean up after. Though designed as an entry-level option, there is very little that says “entry-level” about this particular snowblower. As should be expected from Cub Cadet, the 1X 221 LHP comes with a number of high-end features that make any snow clearing task significantly easier to accomplish, and it packs a punch with one of the most powerful single-stage snowblower engines currently on the market. For those looking to balance compact design with robust features and specs, this is probably the perfect option currently available.

Convenience and More: Key Features of the Cub Cadet 1X 221 LHP Snowblower

Cub Cadet’s reputation in the industry stands out because the company values power as well as operator convenience. That’s readily apparent in the feature list of the Cub Cadet 1X 221 LHP model, which is the more powerful of the company’s 1X single-stage snowblowers. For those considering this particular model, consider some of the features that make it easier to use and maintain throughout the year.

– Four-Cycle Engine Architecture

Few single-stage snowblowers come with a four-cycle engine, but the 1X 221 LHP packs a powerful one under the hood. That means equipment operators won’t have to mix fuel and oil together when preparing the equipment for work, and it means that the engine itself can put out a great deal more power than engines of similar size in other snowblowers.

– Included Headlight

For use in challenging outdoor conditions or for clearing snow after dark, the Cub Cadet 1X series comes with a large headlight centrally placed in the dashboard area. The headlight is sufficiently bright for virtually all outdoor snow management tasks, and is an asset for getting snow out of the way even when precipitation tapers off after sunset.

– Self-Propelled Drive System

Unlike many competing snowblowers in the single-stage segment of the market, the 1X series comes with a self-propelled auger mechanism that makes handling deeper accumulations quite a bit easier. Because this snowblower can handle up to a foot of fresh powder, self-propulsion is absolutely essential and a welcome addition for entry-level, residential buyers.

– Single-Hand Discharge Chute Control

An included joystick near the snowblower’s dashboard area makes it easy to control the position of the discharge chute with just a single hand. That compares favorably to other snowblowers on the market, which often require manual adjustment of the discharge chute after the equipment has been placed in idle or turned off entirely.

A Look at the Specifications that Get the Job Done

For all of its operator-centric features, the Cub Cadet 1X 221 LHP snowblower is also a portable powerhouse with some of the most impressive specifications on the market. While single-stage snowblowers are considered entry-level models, or those best suited to customers in areas where snow fall is rare, the 1X series is versatile enough to be used in even more challenging environments.

It all starts with the snowblower’s engine, which is a four-cycle Cub Cadet OHV model capable of producing 208cc of displacement. This engine is quite a bit more powerful than the one paired with Cub Cadet’s 1X 221 HP model, and it means that the equipment will more adeptly handle deeper or denser snow accumulations without getting stuck or suffering form a lack of power behind the auger.

In addition to its powerful four-cycle engine, the 1X 221 LHP snowblower comes with the same impressive width and height as its lower-powered counterpart. That means homeowners will enjoy access to a robust, 21-inch clearing width and a total intake height of 13 inches. The snowblower is therefore fully capable of handling up to a foot of fresh snow, and can clear very wide paths with ease.

OEM Cub Cadet Accessories Protect the Snowblower Throughout the Year

From snowblower protection to fuel checks, Cub Cadet’s OEM accessories are not to be missed. The company offers superior snowblower and toolshed protection with its OEM equipment cover and its helpful floor mats. The company also sells fuel testing swabs and its own fuel stabilizer mix, making it just a bit easier to prepare the equipment for storage and extend its useful life significantly. All of these accessories offer Cub Cadet’s superior manufacturing quality, making them just as durable and long lasting as the 1X snowblower itself.

Visit for Snowblowers, Parts, and Accessories

Customers looking for the best combination of new 1X Cub Cadet snowblowers, excellent accessories, and a diverse selection of OEM Cub Cadet parts should visit The website is a great resource for Cub Cadet 1X 221 LHP owners who are dedicated to seasonal maintenance and proactive treatment of their equipment over the long-term.

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