Cub Cadet 2X Two-Stage Snowblower

CC 2X SnowblowerWhen you are in the market for a snowblower, a Cub Cadet 2X Two-Stage Snowblower should be at the top of your list. With its features, accessories and parts, this snowblower meets all of your winter snow-removal needs. There are eight models from which to choose depending on your budget and preferences.

Overview and Parts

The higher-end models, which include the 2X 930 SWE and the 2X 933 SWE, both come with a 357cc Cub Cadet OHV 4-Cycle engine. This allows the user to simply press a button and start your work easily. There is no need to mix gas and oil, and it powers through rough winter conditions without difficulty. Both models offer a 22-inch intake height, power steering, a steerable wheel with positive traction and in-dash headlights. The tires are 16 inches by 6.5 inches. The deluxe skids shoes are trademarked COOL BLUE rust resistant, non-marking and reversible. The main difference between these two high-end models is the size of the clearing width. The 930 SWE model has a 30-inch clearing width, while the 933 SWE model features a 33-inch width.

High-Level Features

These 930 SWE and 933 SWE snowblower models come with trigger-control power steering. This steering allows you to use single-hand operation. Use one finger to engage the power steering on all 2X models. Maneuver your blower easily with this feature.
Another feature is the push-button electric start. Plug your blower into any standard 110V wall outlet, then simply push the button on the 4-cycle Cub Cadet OHV engine to get your blower started effortlessly. There is no need to throw out your back by pulling on a cord when you have the push-button feature.

Decide where to throw your snow with the single-hand chute control. The 4-way chute control is easily adjustable. Use one hand to change the direction and pitch of the snow without wasting any time.

Optional Accessories

Optional for your snowblower is the heated hand grips, which are nice for those cold winter days. To keep your blower working properly, purchase STA-BIL fuel stabilizer. This allows you to keep your fuel clean and ready to use even if you haven’t used the blower since last season. Fuel stabilizer prevents corrosion from moisture and water while also preventing gum and varnish.

Cover your snowblower when it is not in use by purchasing either a small or large cover. This is perfect if you do not have room in your garage or storage shed for your blower. It is UV and mildew resistant. The elastic cord keeps the cover in place.

Protect yourself from the elements while using your snowblower by buying a Universal Snow Thrower Cab. It features tear-resistant fabric and clear vinyl with easy installation.
With the Fuel Defense Fuel Test Swabs, you are able to make sure your fuel is not oxidized or filled with water. Diagnose starting problems, and identify if your blower has bad fuel. Save costly repair costs by picking up some test swabs.

To prevent snow accumulations of over 2 feet, attach a Drift Cutter Kit to the sides of your auger mounting. These fit most 2-stage blowers.

Keep your snowblower area clean by purchasing a Heavy Duty Floor Mat. This traps grass, melted snow, water, mud and oil to prevent a messy garage or storage shed.

Where to Buy

Purchase your 2X 2-Stage Snowblower accessories directly from Cub Cadet here. Locate and order OEM parts  at ensure that your snowblower is always working and ready to go after any amount of snowfall.

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