Troubleshooting Tips for Cub Cadet 3X Series Three-Stage Snowblowers

Cub Cadet 3X SeriesCub Cadet equipment is widely appreciated as not only one of the most powerful options available, but also as one of the most reliable on the market. Despite that reputation, small maintenance issues or operator oversights can sometimes cause headaches that require a bit of troubleshooting in order to get back into action when clearing snow after a major winter storm. If the 3X has been performing strangely lately, or if it won’t start at all, equipment owners should keep reading to make sure they address the most common reasons for these issues.

Put Safety First When Troubleshooting the 3X Series

Safety is absolutely essential during troubleshooting, since even a brief oversight can cause injury if the equipment suddenly springs back to life. Make sure that the engine is cooled off after a recent period of use, and be sure that all maintenance takes place in a flat, open space. Wear proper eye protection or gloves during maintenance to reduce the risk of burns, eye injuries, and interactions with debris, clogs, or fluids.

Problem: The Engine Fails to Start at All


The first thing to check is probably the most obvious: There simply may not be enough fuel in the equipment for it to turn on and stay on. If this is the case, add new fuel. If the fuel is stale, drain it out of the equipment and replace it with fresh gasoline instead. Then try starting the equipment a second time.

This problem may also be caused by the absence of an ignition key, issues with the spark plug, no extension cord connected to the electric starter, and a throttle that has not been placed into the “choke” position. Check each of these minor considerations before attempting to start the snowblower again.

Problem: The Engine Seems to be Running Erratically

Possible Solutions:

This problem is another one that is commonly caused by fuel issues. In this case, it’s most likely caused by stale fuel or by water and debris that has made its way into the fuel tank. Consider draining the existing fuel in favor of replacing it with cleaner, fresher gasoline that won’t cause as many problems.

Other potential causes of this problem include running the snowblower with the throttle in the “choke” position or over-governing the engine. Carburetor problems may also cause erratic fits and starts during operation, so be sure to check for any problems in that area as well.

Problem: The Engine Overheats Once or Does So Chronically

Potential Solutions:

A chronically hot engine is typically caused by a carburetor that is not adjusted properly. Check for this and, if service is required, contact an authorized technician who can help. With this problem fixed, overheating will quickly become a thing of the past.

Problem: Excessive Vibration Makes Using the 3X Snowblower Very Difficult

Potential Solutions:

Vibration issues are almost always caused by loose parts around the snowblower. If the vibrating seems only to get worse during routine operation, stop the equipment immediately and check all of the snowblower’s moving or attached parts for loose fittings. Tighten anything that seems loose and try using the equipment again. If the problem persists, it’s most likely attributable to a damaged auger.

If a check of the auger reveals major damage, consider purchasing a replacement or contacting an authorized technician who can remove the existing parts and replace them with an OEM auger that will virtually eliminate all strange vibrations during regular use.

Problem: The Snowblower Isn’t Actually Discharging Snow During Routine Use

Potential Solutions:

If the 3X snowblower has mysteriously stopped discharging snow, this is most likely because of a clog somewhere in the system. To avoid doing any further damage to the snowblower, immediately stop the equipment. Next, check the discharge chute, intake area, and the auger itself for any clogs or attached debris. Carefully clear these areas and try using the equipment again.

If the problem does persist, there are several additional things to check. Start with the auger belt, which might be out of place. Next, check the auger control lever to make sure it’s functioning properly. Finally, check the shear pins and replace them if they’ve suffered major damage or excessive wear during snowblower use.

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