Cub Cadet 3X 26” HD vs. 3X 30” HD Three-Stage Snowblowers

Cub Cadet 3X 26Cub Cadet 3X 30One of the biggest decisions buyers will have to make when committing to a Cub Cadet 3X snowblower is whether or not to opt for the HD model instead of the entry-level offering sold by the company. The HD model differs in a few key ways, but the most notable change is its use of a 23-inch chute height that can simply handle deeper snowfall accumulations than a non-HD 3X model would be able to tackle. The non-HD models sold by Cub Cadet have a 21-inch intake chute height that is actually really great, but it might not be enough for those buyers in the most frigid and snow-prone of winter climates.

After opting for a 3X HD snowblower, consumers will have yet another choice, this time between a 26-inch model and a considerably larger, 30-inch alternative. Both snowblowers share the vast majority of features, including the tremendous power and intuitive steering systems of the broader 3X lineup. Even so, some key differences might make each model better for certain types of customers. Before purchasing, be sure to review these similarities and differences in order to make the best possible choice.

Divergent Features: The Main Differences of the 26″ and 30″ HD Models

Each of these snowblowers shares a vast number of identical features, but their differences are notable and will have a serious impact when the time comes to clean up after a major winter storm. The 3X x 26″ HD model is named after its clearing width, which measures an impressive 26 inches. That’s the same as the entry-level, non-HD model sold by Cub Cadet, but with a taller intake chute that can handle deeper accumulations. The equipment comes with a 357cc four-stage OHV engine made by Cub Cadet, giving it plenty of power and helping it power through even the deepest accumulations.

While the 26-inch model is valued primarily for its perfect combination of power and compact sizes, the 3X x 30″ HD model is an important asset for those homeowners with larger outdoor areas to clear and deeper snowfall accumulations to handle on a regular basis. The equipment improves upon the clearing width of the entry-level HD version, boosting it to 30 inches overall. The increased size and heft of this upgraded model requires a much more powerful engine, and Cub Cadet delivers in a big way. Underneath the hood is a 420cc four-stage OHV engine, also made by Cub Cadet and refined for this particular type of equipment.

These differences will be of value to different types of customers. Those looking for a compact model that doesn’t sacrifice power or snow clearing ability will easily choose the 3X x 26″ HD. Those who want to make sure that larger outdoor areas are handled with less overall work throughout the winter will certainly want to check out the 3X x 30″, however.

Similarities are Important for the 3X Lineup

One of the most important things to remember is that these snowblowers, despite being quite different in terms of size and power, actually share more identical features than dramatic differences. The first of these is an electric, push-button engine starter that makes it exceedingly easy to get the equipment going in otherwise challenging outdoor conditions. This compares favorably to snowblowers from other companies, many of which lack push-button starters altogether and require extensive use of a ripcord system.

Once the snowblower is fired up and put into use, it offers power steering that makes maneuvering the equipment a great deal easier. That’s especially important for the 30-inch model, since it is quite a bit larger and a bit heavier than its 3X x 26″ HD counterpart. Both models come with an impressive induction accelerator that actually sucks in snow and ice and processes it more effectively than virtually any other snowblower on the market.

These shared features make it easier to clear accumulations of all types throughout the winter and, when paired with each model’s ergonomic design cues, they reduce the amount of operator fatigue that typically results from extensive winter storm cleanup. Those homeowners who are used to this task sapping all of their remaining energy will be pleasantly surprised by each model’s combination of greater power and easier use no matter how deep the snow gets.

Be Sure to Visit for New Snowblowers and OEM Parts

Whether it’s a new snowblower or an OEM replacement part to keep the equipment in great shape, be sure to visit to find it. Winter storms are no easy thing to handle, but Cub Cadet’s thoughtfully designed 3X three-stage snowblowers will make things considerably easier. Best of all, the OEM parts sold by will ensure the same high level of service, durability, and equipment compatibility, that can be found with the stock parts in a new 3X snowblower.

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