How to Operate a Cub Cadet 3X Series Three-Stage Snowblower

Getting started with the Cub CCub Cadet 3X Seriesadet 3X snowblower can be a daunting task for many homeowners, since this large piece of equipment is easily one of the most powerful snowblowers sold by any of the major manufacturers. With plenty of adjustments to be made prior to operation, and several new controls that might be unfamiliar to even some seasoned equipment owners, the 3X might require at least a little training. To learn more about basic 3X snowblower adjustment and operation, new snowblower owners should be sure to continue reading.

Don’t Start Operating Without Ensuring Safety

Before learning about the equipment’s controls and putting them to use for the first time, Cub Cadet 3X owners should make sure they’re following the company’s safety guidelines. That includes starting the equipment outdoors, rather than in an enclosed area. It also means refueling prior to use, starting the snowblower on a flat surface, and wearing at least protective eyewear as well as warm winter clothing. With each of these proverbial boxes checked off, getting started with the 3X is actually pretty easy.

A Look at Basic Snowblower Controls

The 3X is no joke when it comes to clearing even the deepest snowfall amounts, and that’s why Cub Cadet has paired it with a series of intuitive controls for easier steering and clearing. Below, operators will find a brief list and overview of the most important controls when clearing fresh powder.

  •  Shift Lever

The shift lever determines whether the snowblower will operate in reverse, neutral, or forward. There are a total of six forward speeds to choose from, with up to two reverse speeds depending on snow depth and operator preference. Generally, slower speeds pair well with deeper accumulations.

  • Auger Control

The auger control determines whether or not the snowblower is actually clearing snow. To engage the auger, squeeze the auger control and move the snowblower forward. To stop clearing snow, simply release this control.

  • Drive Control

Like the auger control, this determines whether or not the snowblower moves forward and conquers new terrain. Squeeze the control to move forward or release it to stop the snowblower’s forward movement.

  • Steering Trigger Controls

Located underneath the snowblower’s handles, these controls help the snowblower make left and right turns. Simply enough, press the control to the right to make a right turn and swing it to the left to veer to the left. Bring the control back to the center to go straight ahead.

  • Chute Directional Control

Optional on some models, this control actually changes the way the snow is discharged from the snowblower during routine operation. It can be adjusted left and right, or up and down, depending on the exact operator preference for snow distribution during use.

A Guide to Initial Snowblower Operation

The first step toward snowblower operation is simply turning on the engine, but this process varies between 3X snowblowers and the various engines included with each model. To learn more about starting the engine, refer to the engine instruction manual that came with the equipment. For information about what to do after the engine has been turned on, continue reading.

  • Moving Forward and Clearing Snow

The first step after turning on the engine is simple to engage the drive system so that the snowblower moves forward. To do this, set the throttle control to “fast” and choose one of the six available positions for forward movement. Squeeze the drive control to go forward, and release it when the snowblower should stop moving.

  • Engaging the Augers

With the snowblower on and moving, engage the auger control level by squeezing it tightly. Keep the auger lever squeezed tight as long as snow clearing is required. When snow clearing is done, release the auger to disengage this part of the equipment.

  • Steering

As mentioned earlier, the steering control lever determines which direction the equipment will travel during use. To go left, squeeze the left steering lever. To go right, do the same thing to the right lever. To go straight ahead, make sure that neither lever is engaged in any way.

  • Turning the Engine Off

There are several things to check when turning the engine off, including the position of the shift lever. This should always be returned to a neutral position prior to switching off the equipment. For the exact procedure involved in turning off the engine, consult the engine instruction manual that originally shipped with the 3X series snowblower.

Where to Find Cub Cadet 3X Series Snowblowers and OEM Parts

With years of industry experience, is a central location for those equipment owners requiring replacement parts for their existing 3X equipment or a new snowblower entirely. The website’s intuitive shopping process, and its online parts lookup tool, make this process a breeze for even the newest snowblower owners.

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