How to Replace a Cub Cadet Snow Blower Sheer Bolt

One of the most common repairs on a Cub Cadet Snow Blower, is the removal and replacement of the sheer bolt. The sheer bolt is connected to a pin that acts as a sort of safety mechanism, protecting the motor and the blades in the event that something other than snow gets into the blower. It is the first line of defense against large objects damaging the internal parts of the snow blower.

In order to remove and replace the pin, and restore the snow blower to full functioning, a few basic steps should be followed.

Removal of the Snow Blower Sheer Bolt

Cub Cadet snow blowers have a pretty standard configuration, making it easy to locate and repair the sheer bolt if it’s triggered during the winter season. In order to locate and replace this bolt, follow the process below.

Step 1: Turn the Blower Off and Ensure Safety
The Cub Cadet snow blower should be turned off, and the key should be removed from the ignition. These two steps are the keys to ensuring safety, but they’re not the only guarantee that will ensure no unexpected injuries occur during the replacement process. After the key has been removed from the ignition, be sure to remove the spark plug wire. That will guarantee that the snow blower will not accidentally turn on.

Step 2: Locate the Pin with a Few Simple Motions
Next, turn the auger on the snow blower manually until the sheer pin’s location is visible. This will occur when the two parts of the drive shaft are aligned, making the Cub Cadet’s sheer pin and bolt easily visible to the naked eye. If in doubt after aligning the two parts of the drive shaft, be sure to consult the Cub Cadet’s manual for verification of the location of the bolt.

Repairing and Replacing the Sheer Bolt in a Cub Cadet Snow Blower

The repair and replacement of the sheer bolt in a Cub Cadet mower is pretty easy. In some cases, the bolt actually removes itself from the snow blower when it’s triggered by outside debris. That eliminates a step of the process, making some homeowners able to save some time during the repair. Otherwise, here’s how to remove the bolt and install its replacement.

Step 1: Reach in and Take the Sheer Bolt Out of the Snow Blower
Once the sheer bolt has been located, as instructed in step two of the tutorial above, it should be easily visible and just as easily removable. Simply reach in, turn or adjust the bolt until it’s loose, and then pull the bolt out of its containing socket.

Step 2: Work with a Stuck Sheer Bolt, if the Need Arises
While most sheer bolts will be pretty easy to pull out, and some will actually remove themselves from the snow blower when they’re triggered, others will be stubbornly stuck in the socket. To eliminate this problem, grab a hammer and a tap. Gently hammer the tap so that it makes contact with the bolt, pushing it out of the socket and making it easy to remove from the snow blower. This might take a few taps, but be sure not to get impatient. A gentle tapping motion is the key to an easy removal, while avoiding damage to the snow blower’s other parts.

Step 3: Replace the Snow Blower’s Sheer Bolt
Finally, align the two parts of the drive shaft in the Cub Cadet snow blower until the sheer bolt’s location is once again revealed. Slide the new sheer bolt into place, make sure that it’s appropriately tightened and located, and then rotate the auger manually to ensure that the replacement was done properly. If it was, everything will work without a hitch and the blades will rotate like they normally do — minus their source of power, of course.

Step 4: Reconnect the Spark Plug Wire
With the sheer bolt now properly replaced in the Cub Cadet snow blower, it’s time to reconnect the spark plug required for starting the engine. Replace the ignition key, and use the snow blower as per usual. It will once again live up to the high standard of performance and effectiveness that Cub Cadet’s products have long been known for.

Be Sure to Have a Few Sheer Bolts Available Throughout the Winter
One of the keys to having an enjoyable winter is having a functioning snow blower. Because snow blowers of all types have been known to go through sheer bolts rather quickly, it’s probably a good idea to stock up on these parts before the dead of winter really sets in, and the snow begins to accumulate.

The best place to look for new Cub Cadet parts is at is a website dedicated to Cub Cadet owners and their repair needs. The site offers a parts locator that can easily and quickly find the proper sheer bolt for the job, making it easy to stock up and be prepared for anything that mother nature — or the snow blower — happens to throw at you.

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