Cub Cadet Blower Overview

Cub Cadet has been making outdoor equipment for 50 years, starting with a line of tractors for farm and garden. The company manufactures a line of outdoor chore equipment. This includes an assortment of blowers, produced in the company’s familiar black and school bus yellow colors.

Hand held blowers come in several sizes and models. The most modern is the new HB59L. This light-weight blower runs on an ion-lithium battery that lasts much longer than the standard blower. This battery recharges three times longer that the older batteries. This hand held produces 100 mph wind and is able to perform simple yard clean-up easily. The HB59L has two level of control for the force of the wind, making it perfect for very delicate jobs. The battery charger is sold separately. This blower is a great asset for any household. 

To handle those heavier yard clean-up jobs, the HB 227 might be just the ticket. This model comes with a 27cc, 2-cycle engine and can generate wind up to 150 mph. The blower can cover up to 500 cubic feet per minute (cfm) during use and does well in medium sized areas. This blower starts with a crank pull. A modern design makes these larger blowers quieter and more steady during use.

If the HB227 seams a bit under powered for a big yard, Cub Cadet has their top of the line hand held HB425. This 25 cc, 4-cycle engine provide more power for the same bite. With a top speed of 150 mph and area coverage of 400 cfm, this blower covers less area than the HB 227, but puts more power behind each cycle. For truly heavy brush and shrubs, this blower will move more material in a shorter time. Both of these larger hand held blowers retail in a similar price range; the issue is how much power you need behind your wind.

For longer jobs, the back pack blowers will reduce stress on shoulders and arms. The blower comes in a padded back pack harness, and comfortably sits on the back of the user, while reducing strain on the user. Cub Cadet blowers come in two types: the BB227 and the BB432.

The BB227 is the back blower for easy to moderate jobs. Designed with a 25 cc, 2-cycle engine, this blower supplies wind up to 145 mph. This blower can cover 445 cfm. Attached to a blower hose, the BB227 reaches about a foot about the ground. The harness straps can be replaced if they become worn.

The BB432 is the back blower for heavy jobs. The 32 cc, 4-cycle engine generates maximum power from your back. At full speed, this engine can generate winds up to 150 mph. This blower is powerful enough to cover 500 cfm, even at a foot above the ground. This is the blower for large, heavy brush areas.

There is also another option in blowers from Cub Cadet, the JS 1150 Leaf Blower. This blower is designed for big jobs in large areas, and sits in a sturdy metal frame with three wheels. An 8 inch front wheel is supported by two 12 inch back wheels. Attached to the frame is a wide push bar for moving the blower. This blower may not reach all areas, but the output opening is adjustable 15 degrees up or down. This blower is also quieter than some of the hand held models. Wind up to 150 mph can be generated with this model. This blower can cover 1000 cfm and the throttle can be adjusted to varying speeds. This is Cub Cadet’s top of the line model.

Cub Cadet has blowers for every need and size of yard. From the battery powered HB59L to the large BB432, they can handle any job nature can dish out.

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Image Source: Cub Cadet
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