Cub Cadet Log Splitters

With energy costs on the rise some people are turning to wood burning heaters to help control those costs. But for many people the amount of manual labor involved in splitting logs into manageable chunks makes this a less attractive option. Or if you have a large amount of wood on your property that you may want to sell as firewood but do not wish to split the logs by hand, is there an alternative method to split logs?

Cub Cadet has the solution for the homeowner or business owner who needs to split large quantities of logs with little effort. With up to 27 tons of ram pressure and a 15 second cycle time their log splitters can handle any log up to 25 inches long. The cast iron wedge and sturdy cast steel foot plate will ensure you that this log splitter will last you for many years. 

The log splitter features a movable work surface that allows you to work in either a vertical or horizontal position. This allows you to set up your log splitter in the most efficient manner for your working conditions. Set it up in the vertical position when working with logs on the ground so that you don’t need to lift the logs very far off the ground. If you’re working off of the back of a truck put the splitter into the horizontal position so the work area is close to level with the truck bed.

The splitter is designed to handle any log you can throw at it, and to last through many years of work. The hoses are coil wrapped to strengthen them and extend their lifespan. The wedge and foot plate are both made of solid cast metal that will stand up to the elements and the workload. The fenders are constructed of diamond-tread steel plate to protect the splitter from any impact damage.

Cub Cadet has employed some of their most efficient technologies into this machine in order to give you the best operation that they can. The pump that powers the ram is capable of 13 gpm which can allow the ram to split a log and return to the starting position in as few as 15 seconds, allowing you to get more work done in a day. The 277cc Cub Cadet OHV engine is quiet and fuel efficient without sacrificing any of the power that you need to split the most difficult knotty logs.

The log splitter is a solid piece of machinery, yet it is no problem to move it around. Weighing in at 516 pounds, it is sturdy enough to handle the pressure put out by the hydraulic ram without any worry. With the 16″ transport wheels and built in towing rig all you need to do is put the ram in the horizontal position and hook it up to a towing hitch and it will go wherever you need it.

Cub Cadet stands behind their products. Aside from the sturdy construction and reliable mechanical parts that are built to last for years on end, Cub Cadet also includes a two year warranty on the log splitters. You can rest assured that this machine will be there to handle all your log splitting needs.

If you need a lot of wood split for either personal or professional needs, Cub Cadet’s log splitter is an economical investment to lower the time and labor you have to put into splitting logs. It is a portable, yet sturdy machine that will be with you for many years.

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Image Source: Cub Cadet
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