Cub Cadet CC 760 ES Wide-Area Mower

Cub Cadet MowerPush mowers cut quickly to handle big lawns and push mowers are light and maneuverable enough for small lawns and tight terrain, but what about buyers who need something in between? Cub Cadet’s CC 760 ES wide area mower is designed to fill in the gap, bringing riding mower features and ground coverage to a light push mower design.


Power is provided by a 420 cc overhead valve engine built by Cub Cadet themselves. This is the same motor used in the company’s CC30 riding lawn mower. Like many manufacturers, Cub Cadet has stopped quoting power output due to discrepancies across the industry, but it should be roughly comparable to a 12.5 hp motor, making the CC 760 one of the most powerful push mowers on the market.


This engine powers a pair of blades inside a 33 inch stamped deck with Cub Cadet’s Signature Cut design for a professional quality finish. The deck can be set up for mulching or side discharge, and it has the same SmartJet high pressure deck washing system used in Cub Cadet’s riding lawn mowers, making cleanup quick and thorough. Cutting height can be adjusted from the operator position with a total of 8 settings ranging in height from 1.25 to 3.5 inches.


Power to the 16 inch fixed rear wheels is transferred from the engine using a transmission with reverse and four forward speeds. Combined with the adjustable throttle, the operator can match torque and engine speed to tackle a wide range of terrains. Weighing just 250 lbs. and with no rider on board, the CC 760 won’t tear up soft turf like a riding lawn mower.

The wheels only propel the mower forward and backward, so it’s up to the operator to steer. For this reason, the CC 760 isn’t designed to let the operator ride behind it with a sulky. However, the 8 inch front wheels are mounted on casters for easy maneuverability despite its size. This makes this mower an excellent choice for lawns heavy with landscaping features. Total width is 36 inches with the mulching cover installed or the discharge chute in the up position, and 48 inches wide with the chute in the down position, letting it pass through most fence gates.

Usability and Reliability

As with Cub Cadet’s other lawn care products, a lot of care was taken to make this mower as easy to use as possible. The engine may be big, but it comes with a 12 volt electrical system with its own battery and electric starter. Despite having throttle, transmission, blade and start controls at hand, the handle is still height adjustable like a small push mower. The operator can check the fuel level from the control position thanks to the high-mounted gas tank’s clear view gauge, while the hour meter, a rarity in this segment, makes it easy to keep track of maintenance. Power is transferred to the blades via a brake clutch, so the blades can be shut off without turning off the engine. This makes the mower safer and eliminates restarts when the operator has to step away from the controls.

The mower is backed with a three year limited residential warranty and Cub Cadet’s SureStart guarantee: as long as the mower is properly maintained and is used with the correct fuel, the company guarantees the engine will start after two tries.


The CC 760 may pack riding lawn mower power, but since it doesn’t have a trailer hitch or PTO, there’s not much in the way of accessories. The company offers a mulching bag kit with a 2.5 bushel capacity and a cover made specifically for this model. Other more general products will also work with this mower including a balancing and sharpening kit and a blade removal tool for easier maintenance.

Where to Buy Cub Cadet Walk-Behind Mower Parts has everything you need for the CC 760 ES including genuine OEM parts and accessories. They’re a factory authorized Cub Cadet dealer, covering every one of the company’s products.

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