LE 100 – Cub Cadet Edger/Trencher

Cub Cadet LEThe LE 100 is not a professional edger. It’s a small unit with a small price tag intended for home owners looking to keep their lawns and flower beds looking beautiful. However, it can be hard to tell the difference between this Cub Cadet unit and much pricier models because it has features usually found only in the commercial segment. That means better performance and a professional-looking result without having to hire a landscaper.


Cub Cadet is well known for their easy to use designs, and this edger is no exception. Power is provided by a four stroke 159 cc overhead valve engine made by Cub Cadet. Engine control couldn’t be simpler: the motor is designed to start with a single pull the starter handle. In fact, if the engine doesn’t start in two pulls during the edger’s three year warranty, Cub Cadet will have it fixed. Once started, the engine runs at a steady speed with no need to adjust a throttle or choke. The motor will shut off if the operator leaves the machine, but with the starter handle mounted next to the controls, restarts are easy.

Cutting, Shaping and Landscaping

Cutting is done by a 9 inch tri-tip blade that sharpens itself as it is used. That in itself is no surprise, since this blade design is standard across the industry. What is surprising is how the blade is used.

Usually, consumer edgers only cut straight down, but not the LE 100. The bed edging bevel can be moved into three positions: center, inward or outward. In the center position, the LE 100 cuts straight down like a standard edger, while angling outward cuts and tapers grass at the edge for a smooth, professional finish. Need to dig a trench for a garden or other landscaping features? The LE 100 comes with a trenching kit, making quick work of roots and hard ground. Bolt on the kit and move the blade inward, and the machine will quickly carve out slots for landscaping borders and trenches for plants.

The clamp used to set the angle is designed so it can be moved without needing tools for quick setup between jobs. Maximum depth at the center position is two and one quarter inches. The blade is belt driven and can be engaged and disengaged from the operator’s position.

Rolling Flexibility

Consumer models make do with three wheels, but the LE 100 has four: two 8 inch wheels mounted at the rear corners and two 7 inch wheels mounted next to each other at the front of the unit. All four are mounted on ball bearings for durability.

Another commercial feature found in the LE 100 is the 5 position curb hop wheel. The right rear wheel can be raised and lowered, keeping the edger upright while passing over curbs. Combined with the wide rolling area from the pair of front wheels, it’s easy to edge next to streets and slanted driveways. Adjustment can be done from the operator position: just push the lever down until the wheel makes contact with the ground.

Where to Buy Cub Cadet Parts

Thinking of adding an LE 100 edger to your lawn care arsenal, but you aren’t sure how you will keep it maintained? Cub Parts is here to help. They’re an authorized Cub Cadet dealer for equipment, parts and service. You might not be able to bring your edger to their headquarters to be worked on, but since they service and sell this model, they can give you the best advice on what to use with your equipment. Visit them online at www.cubparts.com.

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