LS 27 Cub Cadet Log Splitter

Cub Cadet Log SplitterLog splitters are one of the most powerful and useful additions to any residential or commercial equipment lineup. These powerful pieces of equipment make it easy to manage wooded areas, turning trees and logs into smaller, more manageable bundles, which can be easily recycled, disposed of, or even used for firewood. Cub Cadet has long been a leading producer of powerful log splitters for homeowners and commercial equipment buyers, with several models that feature finely tuned engines, intuitive controls, and thoughtful design enhancements that reduce the likelihood of operator fatigue or injury. The company’s LS 27 log splitter model is a great, midlevel option for both residential and commercial buyers.

LS 27 Log Splitter Model Features: A Great Tool for Today’s Buyers

Cub Cadet’s LS 27 log splitter is considered a midlevel model for homeowners and an entry-level model for commercial customers who might be venturing into log splitting equipment for the first time. Even so, it’s designed with materials and features that make it easy to operate and exceedingly useful in a large number of environments. First and foremost, the LS 27 log splitter model is crafted primarily from cast iron and cast steel. These materials help the equipment resist bending, warping, and denting, even as large logs are passed through the splitter and discharged in a few moments’ time. The log splitter’s footplate is extra durable, with added material thickness that allows it to with stand a great deal of force.

Like many competing log splitters on the market, Cub Cadet’s LS 27 model can be used in either a horizontal or vertical configuration. It’s easy to change the layout of the log splitter using just a few clamps, which makes this model a great fit even for those without log splitter experience. Horizontal operation is particularly useful for larger logs, especially when used with the intuitive control panel found on this model. In both horizontal and vertical modes of operation, the LS 27 log splitter handles logs up to 25 inches long. This actually gives the LS 27 a bit of an edge over competing models, which may enforce a shorter limit on log length overall.

Log Splitter Specs: What Equipment Owners Will Find Under the “Hood”

The key to a great log splitter is its overall horsepower and its capacity for effortless cutting. That all starts with the engine paired with the LS 27 splitter. Cub Cadet has paired this model with its own, finely tuned engine. The 277cc Cub Cadet OHV engine included is both highly efficient and high-powered, which allows the blade to slice through longer logs in just a few seconds. In conjunction with the splitter’s large, 3-gallon fuel tank, buyers can expect the log splitter to last quite some time on a single tank, largely eliminating the need for mid-task refueling.

The 516-pound LS 27 log splitter can handle logs up to 25 inches in length, thanks in no small part to its 13GPM hydro pump. The combination of this pump, and the Cub Cadet OHV engine, give this model a short, impressive, 15-second cycle time. The engine and pump also work together to produce 27 tons of ram pressure when cutting through logs. Larger, 16-inch wheels provide stability during cutting and transit, enhancing overall safety during splitter use.

Cub Cadet Accessories Enhance Log Splitter Use and Ownership

The accessories made available for Cub Cadet’s LS 27 log splitter primarily enhance the routine maintenance necessary to keep the equipment in top shape throughout the year. Customers will find Cub Cadet tire sealer, engine lubricant, fuel stabilizer, and much more. They’ll also be treated to replacement OEM parts like oil filters and more, which allows for effective, durable repair and replacement work throughout the year.

As most homeowners and commercial equipment owners should know, OEM replacement parts offer the same quality and compatibility as the parts originally paired with the LS 27 at the time of purchase. Opting for these OEM parts, and Cub Cadet’s available accessories, allows the LS 27 to last longer and perform better than it would with third-party parts or off-brand accessories.

For OEM Parts or New Log Splitters, Visit

Log splitters are an excellent addition to any commercial equipment lineup, and they make for a sensible purchase when homeowners have large, wooded areas to maintain throughout the year. For new log splitters or the replacement parts that will keep an existing LS 27 splitter in great shape for many years to come, can help. In addition to a full lineup of Cub Cadet power equipment models, the site features a parts lookup tool that sorts OEM replacements by model or part number, or engine manufacturer. It’s a great way to quickly and easily find the best match for any log splitter model.

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