Cub Cadet CS2210 Chipper Shredder Maintenance Guide

Cub Cadet 210 Chipper ShredderCub Cadet’s CS2210 can provide years of trouble free service, but only if it is properly maintained. This guide will help you keep your chipper shredder running like new.


Always wear work gloves when working around the impeller and chipper blades to prevent cuts.

The engine can stay hot enough to cause burns long after it has been shut off, particularly around the muffler. Give the engine time to cool down and avoid direct contact. When in doubt, wear gloves to prevent direct contact.

Never store this chipper shredder in areas where a pilot light or sparks may be present to prevent gasoline ignition.


Engine specifications may vary due to running changes in this model: refer to the included engine manual on how to lubricate the motor. As for the rest of the chipper shredder, the hinge on the chipper chute should be lubricated with light oil once per season.


Clean the chipper shredder thoroughly after each use. High pressure spraying should be avoided as this can get water into the fuel system. Wipe down the engine with a cloth or brush: dirty cooling fins can lead to engine overheating.

Engine Care

Check the included engine manual on how and when to perform maintenance: running changes in the model may change even though the rest of the CS2210 remains the same. That said, there are some general guidelines that will help you get the most out of your CS2210’s engine:

– Check the oil level before each use.
– Clean or replace the air cleaner every 25 hours of normal operation. If this device is being used in dusty conditions, check and clean the cleaner every few hours.
– Inspect the spark plug once each season, adjusting the gap as necessary.

Replacing Chipper Blades

Follow the steps outlined in “Pivot the Shredder Screen.”

Remove the chipper chute support brace by removing a screw and washer located at the bottom of the chute’s base and a second screw and washer at the bottom of the arm extending from the middle of the chute. Next, remove the three nuts and washers on the chute’s base and slide the chute off of the chipper.

Turn the impeller by hand until one of the two blades is visible through the opening. Using a 3/16 inch hex key and a 1/2 inch wrench, unbolt the blade from the impeller. Depending on the blade’s condition, it can be sharpened or replaced with a new blade. Reinstall using the original hardware. Repeat for the second blade.

Reinstall the chipper chute and shredder screen.

Replacing the Shredder Blade

Remove the two flange nuts and bolts that hold the upper support bracket to the impeller housing.

Follow the steps outlined in “Pivot the Shredder Screen.”

Unscrew the six flange nuts that clamp the hopper inlet to the impeller housing. Remove the hopper and set aside.

Place a piece of wood inside the deflector opening to prevent the impeller from rotating when removing the blade.

Using a 3/16 inch hex key and a 1/2 inch wrench, remove two internal hex screws in the blade, located next to the center shaft.

Remove the hex bolt, lock washer and flat washer from the center shaft and slide off the blade.

Follow the previous steps in reverse to install a new or sharpened blade. The center bolt should be torqued between 40 and 58 ft-lbs, while the two outer bolts should be torqued between 20 and 25 ft-lbs.

Cleaning the Reduction Chamber

Follow the steps outlined in “Pivot the Shredder Screen.”

Remove any debris from the chamber. Make sure the spark plug boot is not contacting the spark plug, then pull the engine’s starter handle a few times. This should push out any remaining debris.

Reassemble the chipper shredder by following the “Pivot the Shredder Screen” instructions in reverse.

Pivoting the Shredder Screen

For some maintenance tasks, this screen will need to be moved out of the way for access to the chipper shredder’s interior.

Stop the engine and disconnect the spark plug to prevent accidental restarts. Make sure all moving parts have come to a complete stop.

Remove the debris bag if it’s still fitted to the discharge chute. Unscrew the wing knobs on the sides of the chute and pivot the chute deflector upwards.

Remove the hairclip pin and clevis pin that runs through the housing and shredder screen, just behind where the wing knobs were. Pivot the shredder screen upward.

Long Term Storage

Let the unit run for a while without adding debris to allow any remaining material to be cleared out of the shredder chamber.

Clean off any dirt from the exterior. If the chipper shredder is going to be stored in an unventilated building, all non-painted surfaces should be rust-proofed using a light coating of oil or silicone. Pay particular attention to springs, bearings and cables.

Refer to the engine manual for preparing the motor for storage.

Where to buy Cub Cadet Chipper Shredder Parts

Need replacements blades or a new spark plug? is a factory authorized dealer of Cub Cadet parts, carrying everything you need to keep your CS2210 running like new. They ship anywhere in the United States and Canada.

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