Cub Cadet LTX Series Overview

A beautiful lawn adds value to a home’s property and enhances the entire neighborhood. Beautiful lawns require proper upkeep and maintenance. The Cub Cadet LTX is one of the best ride-on lawnmowers. Known for it’s quality workmanship, durability and reliability, the Cub Cadet LTX Series Lawn and Garden Tractors are designed to make yard maintenance effortless.

The base platform of the Cub Cadet LTX Series Tractor offers a variety of standard features and options on different models. Its standard features include a mowing deck with a width of 42 inches to 50 inches, a powerful engine ranging from 18 to 23 horsepower, and a 3-year/120 hour and 5-year/500 hour limited warranty. The deck lift is manual with 12 positions. Steering design is a manual sector and pinion. The front axle includes a heavy-duty cast-iron with dual grease fittings, and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The seat is the trademarked Cub Comfort high-back seat. It has 12 positions with 6-inch seat travel.

The base, or standard model, LTX 1040 launches a 19 HP Cub Cadet professional grade Kohler Courage single-cylinder engine. The PTO clutch works from a manual lever control. Its mowing deck width is 42 inches with heavy-duty, twin blades. A similar model, LTX 1042 KW holds an 18 HP Cub Cadet professional-grade Kawasaki V-Twin engine. Its PTO clutch and mowing deck are the same as the LTX 1040.

The next size model is the LTX 1045, which runs a 20 HP Cub Cadet professional grade Kohler Courage single-cylinder engine. Its mowing deck width is 46 inches with the heavy-duty, twin blades. A manual lever control runs the PTO clutch. The LTX 1046 M model has the same mowing deck and PTO clutch, but it has a 22 HP Cub Cadet professional-grade Kohler Courage V-Twin OHV engine. An upgrade from this series is the LTX 1046 KW model. It offers a similar mowing deck width, but the PTO clutch has an electronic fingertip engagement to ensure smooth operation of the deck or attachments. Also, its engine is a 21.5 HP Cub Cadet professional-grade Kawasaki V-Twin OHV.

The top models of the Cub Cadet LTX Series are the LTX 1050 KH and the LTX 1050 KW. Both have electronic fingertip engagement, which runs the PTO clutch. They also have mowing decks of 50 inches with the heavy-duty, twin blades. The difference lies in the engine. LTX 1050 KH has a 24 HP Cub Cadet professional-grade Kohler Courage V-Twin OHV. LTX 1050 KW runs on a 23 HP Cub Cadet professional grade Kawasaki V-Twin OHV.

The Cut Cadet LTX Lawn and Garden Tractor offers many unique features to help maintain a crisp lawn. The wide mowing deck reduces the amount of passes you’ll need to make over the lawn. The heavy-duty twin blades ensure an even cut without an unbalanced run. A controlled position of the deck prevents the blade from cutting too close. The powerful engines provide the necessary strength to move the tractor and tackle the grass cutting workload. With manual and electronic PTO clutch control options, this series allows for several different attachments and swift control over the deck operations.

The size of your yard is one way to determine which Cub Cadet LTX Series is the best for your lawn. A small yard may not require the largest model. The width of the mowing deck may lower the number of passes, but it may cause difficulties in tight spots. The operation of a lawn tractor may also require attachments in a larger area to limit the clippings left on the lawn.

There are many factors that should be considered when deciding on the best model to meet the owner’s needs. One factor is the cost of the equipment compared with the needs of the lawn. A lawn that only requires some occasional clipping may not require a top-dollar lawn tractor. Another factor is choosing a model that comes with the proper attachments necessary for the lawn. Certain grasses grow quickly and increase the need for frequent cuttings. Lastly, it is important to purchase equipment that one can easily operate and troubleshoot if necessary. Fortunately, the Cub Cadet LTX Series comes with the support needed through their website and their standard limited-warranty. Peace of mind assures the owner that the correct model has been bought.

To buy parts or accessories for your Cub Cadet LTX, contact, they carry many OEM parts and accessories for most Cub Cadet Lawnmowers. Additionally, they have a large inventory of parts that often need replacement, such as lawn mower filters, filter parts, motor and blade belts, wheels, blades, cables, oil and fuel system parts and accessories. They also provide all the tools needed to efficiently repair your Cub Cadet lawnmower.

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